Scenic view variety

Scenic view variety

1/2 day— Red loop on map

You can do this loop from many locations, but we started at the ball field in Speculator. This trail has a variety of riding.

From the ball field, go north into the Perkins Clearing Area. This part of the loop has groomed dirt roads where you can go as fast or slow as you like, along some great scenic vistas. Once through the Perkins Clearing section head south through some light windy trails, leading you to the north side of Oxbow Lake. Across this small lake is a gas pump if you need to fill up before heading south to Salisbury.

There are two trails leading to Salisbury. One is Powley Road which is a wide groomed dirt road. The other trail is a winding trail through the hills and trees. We suggest taking one trail down and the other one back. Then back to Oxbow Lake and lake to lake back to your starting point.

This loop should take about 5 or so hours with stops for gas and food.

Map (PDF link)

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