Colonel Peck's Grave


Speculator, NY 12164

Off South Shore Road in Lake Pleasant, a trail leads to an old cemetery containing the grave of Colonel Loring Peck, Hamilton County's only Revolutionary War officer.

Getting there

Located 2.3 miles southeast of the Village of Speculator. From Speculator, drive south for 0.8 miles on route 30 and make a right onto Downey Road. Follow Downey past Camp of the Woods, turn right onto South Shore Road. Follow South Shore Road till you come to the trailhead (unmarked) on the left side of the road 1.9 miles from Route 30 & Downey road intersection.

By the numbers

The easy 0.6 mile trail (one way) leads to the cemetery, where there are several old headstones, including Colonel Peck's. The cemetery is surround by a simple stone wall.


Locally this sight is also referred to a "Peck's Clearing." The state lands surrounding the grave site were once Peck's Farm. The Peck family originally purchased the land in 1811 and farmed it for decades. Loring Peck's son William opened the first general store the Lake Pleasant area.

The trailhead is marked by a historic marker for "Peck's Farm" and wooden sign for "Col. Peck's Grave."

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