Death Falls

Death Falls

Winter Overview and Trail Conditions:

Passing by the gate you will be on an old access road that brings you through an open field with the brook to your left. As you continue through you may notice a split in the trail. Right will lead you around to Estelle Pond, the left fork will lead to the base of the falls. You will have a small stream crossing to where you will be able to see the falls to your right.


-20 Feet

Distance Round Trip:

0.6 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip:

Families with Kids: 30 minutes

Experienced Snowshoers: 20 minutes

Out of Shape Snowshoers: 30 minutes

Trailhead Location:

In Blue Mountain Lake follow Route 28 toward Raquette Lake for just under 10-miles to the trailhead. This trailhead is located on the left about 0.3 miles past the entrance to Golden Beach Campground. Look for a metal gate across a dirt access road. There is no trailhead sign. Parking in winter is a bit tricky, but it should be regularly plowed out.

Difficulty: 1=easiest, 5=hardest

One: This is a very short and easy trail, a perfect spot to recreate with the entire family.

Additional Important Information:

Do not go to the top of the falls in the winter it is a very slippery and dangerous location.

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