Wilson Pond Snowshoe Trail

Wilson Pond Snowshoe Trail

Winter Overview and Trail Conditions:

In the winter Wilson Pond makes for a much more exciting ski tour, but the ski tour is not great for everyone. However, if you can't ski to Wilson Pond, you should snowshoe to it.

From the trailhead you will snowshoe over the embankment to the trail register and start on a very easy trail with several small rolling hills. The trail is usually well packed from heavy use at least to Loon Brook. Soon you will find yourself passing by Grass Pond to your left, it can be seen through the trees. A cross-road is found here, ignore this and stay straight. In a bit you will be at a short steep descent to a crossing of Loon Brook. Loon brook is not too big, but the crossing can be a bit more cautious than expected. Especially during a warm spell, this brook will have to be crossed with care and might even require scouting a bit up and down stream. A bridge of sorts was to be built, but that may not yet be the case.

Past the crossing the trail follows the shore for a bit before climbing somewhat steeply to higher ground. The trail will continue to climb steadily through the Blue Ridge Wilderness. Some rolling hills will be intermixed but mostly you will be gaining slight elevation near to the top of a small unnamed knoll. Eventually the trail makes a very head left and starts a moderate ski to the shore of Wilson Pond and the lean-to sitting at this location. The lean-to makes for a great location to relax, think about your day, look upon the slopes of Blue Ridge across the pond, and enjoy a hot beverage.


2156 feet


300 Feet

Distance Round Trip:

5.8 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip:

Families with Kids: 4 to 5 hours, not recommended for really young children

Experienced Snowshoers: 2 to 3 hours

Out of Shape Snowshoers: 3 to 4 hours

Trailhead Location:

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in Blue Mountain Lake follow Route 28 toward Raquette Lake. Continue for 2.5 miles to the state trailhead on the left.

Difficulty: 1=easiest, 5=hardest

Two: Mainly due to distance

Additional Important Information:

There is an attractive lean-to on the shore of Wilson Pond.

Hiking over a frozen body of water can access you to areas not seen by most in the summer. With that being said it is a dangerous activity to cross frozen water bodies and should be done with care and respect for your environment. Know the ice conditions and be prepared for anything including heavy winds, snow drifts, whiteouts, slushy conditions, and thin ice.

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