For Pete’s Sake – a long hike back to Pete’s Hill

Author:Spencer Morrissey
One of the hardest things about trying to find hiking partners, is finding ones who have days off during the week. This week in particular I couldn't talk anyone into taking the day off to join in on...

The triple in Indian Lake

Author:Spencer Morrissey
I found myself with Jerod and Melissa once again hiking in the Indian Lake Region, but this time on three somewhat secluded peaks that I have been eyeballing for some time. However, seeing them from...

DEC announces new Adirondack Scat Challenge

Nature enthusiasts will have their eyes on the ground this summer. On April 1, officials with the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced a new plan — the Adirondack Scat Challenge...

Two Days in the Hudson River Gorge Primitive Area: Day One

A warm day was a-brewin' as we set out for our first adventure on the south side of the Hudson River. We had been scoping out Casey and P Gay mountains for some time, and if I had anything to do with...

A quick trip up the Pisgahs

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Its official, well it's been official for some time now, but both Pisgah mountains are on state land and have become a welcome part of the Hudson Gorge Primitive Area. Big Pisgah Mountain has been a...

Lewey Mountain: Finding a friendlier route

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Lewey Mountain is the 69th highest peak in the Adirondack Park on the Adirondack 100-Highest Mountains list of peaks. You can easily find Lewey in Indian Lake because it towers over the lake with the...

An autumn visit to two gems: Little Sawyer and Ledge mountains

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Little Sawyer and Ledge mountains are true gems in the Hamilton County Region, and quite honestly I might be addicted to their summits. I have been to these two peaks on several occasions but looking...

Moose River Plains: 4 days of exploring (day 4)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
The wonders of waters This will most likely put an end to my visits to the Moose River Plains for the season, but with that being said, I might be coerced to tackle one more peak in the area. I will...

Moose River Plains: 4 days of exploring (day 3.5)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
We had just come off of Indian Lake Mountain - located just over the border into the West Canada Lake Wilderness  - where we enjoyed side trips to Muskrat Pond and Squaw Lake along the way. We now...

Moose River Plains: 4 Days of Exploring (day 3)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
The Moose River Plains is by no means a stranger in my life or the life of my hiking partner Jimbo. However, the part that we would explore today was a bit of a reach for us - we were heading out...


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