Gluten Free in the Back-Country

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Nutrition on the Trail: Gluten Free Snacks for the Back-Country First off what's gluten? A substance present in certain grains, especially wheat, it is a mixture of two proteins; it causes illness...

A Taste of Mexico in the Adirondacks

Author:Michelle Clement
The expansive Adirondack Park is comprised of over 6 million acres of land. If you were to translate that into city blocks, you would be able to fit more than 15 million blocks within the park....

Oak Mountain Welcomes Chef Lou From Hell's Kitchen

Author:Michelle Clement
A thing of the past In the past, if someone were to have asked me to imagine food options at a ski area, two images would have come to mind: Exhibit A - Nachos... better described as canned "cheese...

An Adirondack Ghost Story

Author:Michelle Clement
Over the past few weeks I have devoted quite a bit of my time to learning how to hunt. And now as the calendar switches from early to late fall, I am continuing on with that mission. However, in the...

Relaxing Dinner Cruise on Raquette Lake

Author:Michelle Clement
Date Night in Raquette Lake, New York Recently I had the opportunity to experience one of the Adirondack's most relaxing attractions and intimate dining experiences: Raquette Lake Navigation's...


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