3 Trail Running Destinations in the Indian Lake Area

Author:Spencer Morrissey
While not all trails in the Indian Lake area are great for trail running, many you will find do fit the bill. Trail conditions and terrain play a huge roll in what's good and not-so-good. Trail...

A Weekend on Long Lake, Part 3 of 3

Author:Spencer Morrissey
A Weekend on Long Lake Read Part 1 Read Part 2 PART 3 OF 3 We awoke the next morning to the thumping and crashing of aluminum canoes along the shore, another camp group was setting off down the...

A Weekend on Long Lake, Part 2 of 3

A Weekend on Long Lake, Part 2 of 3 (If you haven't read Part 1 yet, follow this link to read Part 1) Buttermilk Falls I had left you last week as we laid our heads down for the night at the end of a...

A Guided Adventure up Sawyer and Little Sawyer

A Guided Adventure up Sawyer and Little Sawyer Hiking in the Indian Lake Region As a licensed guide I have the pleasure of planning some pretty interesting and fun trips for the Town of Long Lake,...

A Weekend on Long Lake

Weekend on Long Lake: Part 1 of 3   Gearing up for vacation   With an extended weekend planned and the boats strapped securely to the roof rack, we loaded up our camping gear, charged the batteries...

Paddling Raquette Lake

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Many options for a weekend paddle on one of the Adirondacks premiere lakes Raquette Lake is an interesting body of water, not only is it a large body, but its structure is unique in itself. With...

Hiking, Birding, and Bearing at Hitchins Bog

Author:Alan Belford
Birds on my way to the Bog The other day, I stopped off at Sabattis Bog along Sabattis Circle Road on my way to Hitchins Bog. Sabbatis sits right along the road and gives easy access to a splendid...

Adirondack Insiders' Guide: Summer

Finding the best travel information When I travel, I often find myself asking for advice from people that I meet along the way. It could be the night attendant at the lodging property, the local...

Birding in Horseshoe Bog

Author:Alan Belford
Bog Birding I've recently done some poking around along the border of Hamilton and St. Lawrence Counties and found myself the other day in what some folks call Horseshoe Bog. Horseshoe is really an...

A Family Hike At John Dillon Park

Author:Michelle Clement
Discovering John Dillon Park  Last fall I discovered an absolute gem for family camping, hiking and picnics. It's International Paper's John Dillon Park located on New York State Route 30 (The...


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