Camping With the Family (Dog Included)

Author:RaChelle Hosley
My family hike into Spruce Lake I'm not much for roughing it in the great outdoors. My idea of a vacation is a nice plush hotel with a big comfy bed, room service, and maybe, if I'm lucky, a swim-up...

Gluten Free on the trail!

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Trying to eat gluten free is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do - I love wheat and wheat products. While being a celiac is not something we have to deal with, Corenne and I both have...

A day of fire tower past

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Corenne and I have this unique quest to climb all the fire tower peaks in the Adirondacks, even if the fire tower has been removed. This brought us to the Piseco area, on a trek that would gain us...

The triple in Indian Lake

Author:Spencer Morrissey
I found myself with Jerod and Melissa once again hiking in the Indian Lake Region, but this time on three somewhat secluded peaks that I have been eyeballing for some time. However, seeing them from...

Summer Traditions

  My Family Every year my family climbs Panther Mountain in Piseco. It has been a tradition of ours since my daughter was two. It is a great hike, easy enough for young kids to do mostly on their own...

Care and storage of winter gear

Author:Spencer Morrissey
The end of a long winter season is once again upon us, and even though the conditions weren't all that conducive to what might be called an excellent winter season, our gear did get periodic use and...

DEC announces new Adirondack Scat Challenge

Nature enthusiasts will have their eyes on the ground this summer. On April 1, officials with the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced a new plan — the Adirondack Scat Challenge...

The Big Melt!

Author:RaChelle Hosley
Water Everywhere! Spring can be a tricky time here in the Adirondacks. It is starting to warm up and the snow is starting to melt. There's no more skiing, no more snowmobiling, and it's time to trade...

Two Days in the Hudson River Gorge Primitive Area: Day One

A warm day was a-brewin' as we set out for our first adventure on the south side of the Hudson River. We had been scoping out Casey and P Gay mountains for some time, and if I had anything to do with...

Two days in the Hudson River Gorge Primitive Area: Day Two

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Starbuck and Harris Rift Mountains Arriving about a week and a half later to the same region, we found ourselves attracted to Starbuck and Harris Rift mountains. Some of this would tread through the...


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