Owls Head and the Horns, my curiosity won

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Owls Head, always a fun trail I think my curiosity to find cool and interesting stuff wins over more often than not, kind of like my lack of self-control when it comes to baked goods, but I like to...

A quick trip up the Pisgahs

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Its official, well it's been official for some time now, but both Pisgah mountains are on state land and have become a welcome part of the Hudson Gorge Primitive Area. Big Pisgah Mountain has been a...

Climbing & Birding West Mountain

Author:Joan Collins
With our landscape still snow-free during this past December, my husband George and I decided to climb West Mountain in Raquette Lake. For boreal birding purposes, we opted for a longer route to the...

Lewey Mountain: Finding a friendlier route

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Lewey Mountain is the 69th highest peak in the Adirondack Park on the Adirondack 100-Highest Mountains list of peaks. You can easily find Lewey in Indian Lake because it towers over the lake with the...

An autumn visit to two gems: Little Sawyer and Ledge mountains

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Little Sawyer and Ledge mountains are true gems in the Hamilton County Region, and quite honestly I might be addicted to their summits. I have been to these two peaks on several occasions but looking...

Gluten Free (GF) Snack Recipes for the Pack

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Trying to eat gluten free is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do - I love wheat and wheat products. While being a celiac is not something we have to deal with, Corenne and I both have...

Billy’s Bald Spot and Brown’s Rock: A historical walk through Big Moose

Author:Spencer Morrissey
The Adirondacks has some of the most rooted and interesting history in the northeast — and possibly the country — and a passion of mine is reading about it and experiencing it. After reading through...

A rainy day in Indian Lake

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Hiking is great in Indian Lake, even on a rainy day Overall I would have to say I had a pretty good, constructive fall season. The rains that typically soak the region this time of year have not been...

Hiking Bald Mountain

An easy hike with a splendid view Located a short distance west of the Hamilton-Herkimer County border, Bald Mountain (also known as Rondaxe Mountain, which is frankly a more interesting name) is a...

Exploring the Moose River Plains

An Early Start on a Cool Morning After a pleasant night camping, Wren and I headed into the Moose River Plains fairly early in the morning to look for wildlife. The long, winding road cut us through...


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