Moose River Plains: 4 days of exploring (day 3.5)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
We had just come off of Indian Lake Mountain - located just over the border into the West Canada Lake Wilderness  - where we enjoyed side trips to Muskrat Pond and Squaw Lake along the way. We now...

Moose River Plains: 4 Days of Exploring (day 3)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
The Moose River Plains is by no means a stranger in my life or the life of my hiking partner Jimbo. However, the part that we would explore today was a bit of a reach for us - we were heading out...

Moose River Plains: 4 days of exploring (day 2)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
This would be a short day out exploring a trail I noticed to be a new addition to the Moose River Plains. I saw this trail on my previous visit to Fawn Lake Mountain and it made me wonder about its...

If it walks like a moose and talks like a moose, it must be...

The Elusive Adirondack Moose Weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds, the moose is a majestic animal that captures the attention and imagination of all ages. From a child who has never seen a moose before...

Moose River Plains: 4 days of exploring (Day 1)

Author:Spencer Morrissey
As you can imagine, four days in the Moose River Plains is only enough time to merely scratch the surface of the possible exploring that can be had there. But on this day I only had a brief amount of...

Mitchell Ponds Mountain-A true treat to the senses

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Hiking in the Wilds of the Moose River Plains Can a mountain be delicious? If so, I think Mitchell Ponds Mountain might be a gourmet treat. I mean who knew that this 2400' summit on the outskirts of...

Outside the Comfort Zone in the Adirondacks

Guest Blogger: Sara Welch My husband didn't marry me for my outdoorsy ways. I love trail mix, but I don't use it the way it was intended—I munch it on the couch while binge-watching my favorite show...

Exploring Brown's Tract Inlet on Foot

A Change in Plans I had been interested in paddling Brown's Tract Inlet this past week, but the day I had slated for exploring it became quite windy, meaning a paddle across the wide waters of...

A three peak spectacle in Speculator

Author:Spencer Morrissey
After a day or so contemplating how I would spend my day off, I set my sights on three peaks between Speculator and Wells: Guideboard Hill, Speculator Mountain, and Cutknife Mountain. We had pretty...

The Trail That Led Us to OK Slip Falls

Author:Michelle Clement
Long lost friends, trail building and 230 (+/-) feet of falling water Last summer a new trail opened in the Hudson Gorge Wilderness (known locally as the former Finch Pruyn lands), that now leads...


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