Metcalf Mountain, an Indian Lake 3k’er

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Metcalf Mountain There is a small group of hiking enthusiasts out there whose goal is to climb all the Hamilton County 3000 foot mountains. This is a pretty decent accomplishment considering it's a ...

DIY Exploring—A Bushwhacking Overview

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Adirondack Bushwhacking I have been exploring the Adirondack backwoods for decades and much of that time has been spent off-trail, through the forest, thick and thin, bushwhacking. I took on the...

Macomber Mountain—A venture to a Hamilton County 3K’er

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Macomber Mountain I have a fascination with bushwhacking and exploring something new, and who knows, maybe even previously uncharted. My buddy Jim has been itching to do the 3000 foot peaks in...

Don't Stress It!

Life Lesson on Stress Management Recently I was asked to share a life lesson that I have learned in the Adirondacks. And with that question, my mind simply started spinning. I have been blessed to...

Low-Impact Travel Tips

Author:Michelle Clement
Green before "green" was cool! Long before the first Earth Day was recognized on April 22, 1970, the Adirondack Park was setting a national precedence for being a "green" location. Green may not have...

A Cascade Trifecta: The Mountain, The Lake, and The Waterfall

Author:Spencer Morrissey
A bit of bushwhacking and a bit of trail hiking in the Inlet Region  Springtime is a challenging time for hiking, especially for portions of the hiking experience that is completed off-trail, but I...

Bluff Point Hill

Author:Spencer Morrissey
A Raquette Lake Shoreline Adventure Bluff Point Hill can be found on the northeast shore of Raquette Lake, right on the edge of the Sargent Ponds Wild Forest. It's one of those named peaks that might...

Buck Meadow Mountain

Exploring a remote peak in the Siamese Pond Wilderness Note: Please respect the rights of property owners and stay on the trail — there is no public access to Kings Flow at this time. Buck Meadow...

7 Weird Adirondack Things That Will Make You Wonder

We all associate the Adirondack Park with being a pristine wilderness area full of endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. But, like all places, there is more to these small towns and villages...

Hike like a dog - recreation with man’s best friend

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Being a dog hiker!!! As with many of you, I enjoy hiking with my four-legged companion. But for many of you reading this, maybe this hasn't been a pleasure you have yet partaken in. While fun, it is...


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