Paddling Mud Pond in the Cedarlands Conservation Easement

Mud Pond A peaceful paddling and birding destination  Mud Pond, with a boreal bog mat bordering much of its western shoreline, is a scenic place to paddle. I count it as one of my favorite canoeing...

Don't Stress It!

Life Lesson on Stress Management Recently I was asked to share a life lesson that I have learned in the Adirondacks. And with that question, my mind simply started spinning. I have been blessed to...

A Fall Paddle on Twitchell Lake

Author:Alan Belford
A Well-known Lake Wren and I had been camping near Stillwater Reservoir and we drove south through Big Moose to Twitchell Lake – right near the Herkimer-Hamilton County line, for a paddle. I chatted...

The Lure of Lovely Lake Lila

Author:Joan Collins
Warming Octobers Thursday, October 2, and it still felt like summer with temperatures in the 70s. I raced from a long day at work and threw my camping supplies together at record speed. Friday held...

Paddling South Inlet

Author:Alan Belford
A Cool and Foggy Start The  mid-October day started foggy and cool as we awoke in camp, but I knew the sun would soon burn it off. After a short hike, Wren and I made our way to South Inlet which...

Paddling Cedar River Flow

Author:Alan Belford
The Canvas of a Fall Landscape With a picturesque fall day stretched out before us, Wren and I set out from Wakely Dam onto Cedar River Flow as a soft south breeze brought us warm temps and played...

Paddling Wakely Pond

Author:Alan Belford
Calling an Audible I had planned on paddling and exploring Cedar River Flow this past weekend and loaded up my gear for the trip with Wren. It was a breezy, overcast day, but I was hopeful we could...

An Adirondack Ghost Story

Author:Michelle Clement
Over the past few weeks I have devoted quite a bit of my time to learning how to hunt. And now as the calendar switches from early to late fall, I am continuing on with that mission. However, in the...

Cabins and campers and bears, oh my!

As I lay in our teardrop camper thinking about the bears the ranger had advised us about at Eighth Lake State Campground I realized I'm really not afraid of bears any longer. There was a day when I'd...

A Weekend on Long Lake, Part 3 of 3

Author:Spencer Morrissey
A Weekend on Long Lake Read Part 1 Read Part 2 PART 3 OF 3 We awoke the next morning to the thumping and crashing of aluminum canoes along the shore, another camp group was setting off down the...


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