Get Cozy in a Cottage or Cabin

Relax - you're on vacation! The best way to make the most out of your visit to the Adirondacks is to find accommodations that fit your personality. An Adirondack cabin or cottage may be just what you are looking for - cozy, comfortable, classic Adirondack. Looking for something a little more upscale, or perhaps a bit more rustic, view our full selection of lodging options and find one to make your vacation perfectly memorable. 

Speaking of memorable - you'll want to choose a few great adventures for your vacation; actually, that may help you choose the perfect lodging as well! Would you rather be closer to the base of a ski mountain, on the edge of a lake perfect for paddling or ice fishing, on the snowmobile trail, or maybe within trekking distance of your next big hike. Oh, the choices! 

Cabins/Cottages: 1 - 97 of 97

Camp at Sixth Lake

17 Seventh Lake Rd., Inlet

Shamrock Motel & Cottages

The Shamrock is centrally located and closed to downtown and within walking distance to shops and restaurants.
1055 Rte 28N, Long Lake

Blarney Point

357 Route 28, Inlet

Irondequoit Inn & Cabins

The Irondequoit Inn, established in 1892, is a rustic Adirondack retreat – and a place where time moves at its own pace.
Old Piseco Rd, Piseco

Journey's End Cottages

A small lakefront cottage colony
Rtes 28N & 30, Long Lake

Great Pines

4920 Route 28, Inlet


Timberlock is one of the oldest summer family resorts in the Adirondacks, enjoying a spectacular wilderness lakeside setting.
NYS Rte 30, Sabael

Water's Edge Cottages

5 spectacular recently renovated cottages that sit directly on the lake
Routes 28N and 30, Long Lake

Snowy Mountain Inn Cottages

5088 State Route 30, Indian Lake

Prospect Point Cottages

Located directly on Blue Mtn. Lake with 200 feet of a sandy beach.
Route 28, Blue Mountain Lake

Blue Mountain Rest

The adventure, charm and beauty of the Adirondacks at affordable rates.
8821 NYS Route 30, Blue Mountain Lake

Cabins at Raquette Lake

175 State Route 28, Raquette Lake

Great Camp Sagamore

A unique opportunity to live a piece of history
Sagamore Rd, Raquette Lake

Cedarcrest Cottage

Raquette Lake, Raquette Lake

Willis Lodges, The

Rte 28, 7th Lake, Inlet

McCormack's Cottages

Route 30 South, Indian Lake

LaPrairie's Lakeside Cottages

144 Main Street, Blue Mountain Lake

Cedar River Camp

360 Cedar River Rd, Indian Lake

East Bay

Adirondack Lake Rd, Indian Lake

Camp Driftwood

199 Sabael Rd, Indian Lake

Blue Heron Cove

Adirondack Lake Rd, Indian Lake

Little Brown Cottage

116 Hanley Lane, Lake Pleasant

Clayton's Cottages

3 Seventh Lake Rd, Inlet

Faxon's Cottages

Rte 28 & Rte 30, Blue Mountain Lake

Locke Harbor Lakeside Cabins

337 Big Brook Rd, Indian Lake

Birch Cottage

40 Antlers Road, Raquette Lake

Bait Shop Cottage

Town Dock Rd, Long Lake

Hedges, The

Hedges Rd, Blue Mountain Lake

Abanake Cabins

Rte 8, Lake Pleasant

Authentic Log Cabin

Starbuck Rd, Indian Lake

Dickinson Cottage

Antlers Rd, Raquette Lake

Wilbur's Cottages

Fish Mountain Rd, Lake Pleasant

Adirondack Cabin

Adirondack Lake Rd, Indian Lake

Forsell's Cottages

291 Poplar Point Rd, Raquette Lake

Deerwoods Lodge

7 Deerwood Drive, Inlet

Dressler's Cabin on the Lake

Adirondack Lake Rd, Indian Lake

Camp O-Kwa-Ri-Ga

108 & 114 Seventh Road, Inlet

Blue Moose Cottage

Jerry Saverie Rd, Indian Lake

Blue Spruce

Brightside Rd, Raquette Lake


Little Amsterdam Rd, Wells

Porky Pine near 4th Lake

18 South Shore Road, Inlet

Britton Cabin

Deerland Rd, Long Lake

Point Breeze Motel & Cottages

Rte 30, Sabael Rd, Indian Lake

Great Camp Sagamore

Sagamore Rd, Raquette Lake

Bjorn Lodge

Rte 28, Raquette Lake

Donnelly's Sunset Point

987 Deerland Road, Long Lake

Risley's Rush Point Cottages

519 State Route 28, Raquette Lake

Knotty Pines Cottage

On Oxbow Lake, Lake Pleasant

Blanchard's South Bay Cottage

395 State Rte 28, Raquette Lake

Camp Twilight

Route 28, Long Lake

Birch Cottage

Relax, Rejoice, Rejuvenate and make BIRCH COTTAGE your headquarters for a total break from your usual hectic pace.
Antlers Rd, Raquette Lake

Pine Cove Cabins

2754 Route 8, Speculator

Hemlock Hall

Maple Lodge Rd, Blue Mountain Lake

Quiet Time Cottage

559 Antlers Rd, Raquette Lake

Curry's Cottages

Main St, Rte 28, Blue Mountain Lake