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Foxey Brown Cross-country Ski Trail

Dec 28, 2020
Author:RaChelle Martz
Last weekend my husband, brother in law, pup and I headed out to check out the recently refurbished Foxey Brown Trail. It was a cold, early winter afternoon and the trail was a little damp, but the...

Keeping Tradition Alive

Dec 15, 2020
Submitted by guest blogger Emma Gray It's no secret: 2020 was a strange year. We all adjusted to a "new normal" and tried to find a balance between the old ways and the new. Big parties and...

Be Prepared to Enjoy Winter in the Adirondacks

Nov 30, 2020
Author:Katie Stuart
Gearing up for winter in the Adirondacks means getting the warm clothes out, putting the boats away, and making sure skis, snowboards, snowmobiles, and any other toys are serviced! We are getting...

Winter Bucket List

Nov 25, 2020
Author:RaChelle Martz
Winter this year may look a little different than previous years. Regulations have tightened a bit and we may not be able to spend as much time indoors as other years. Why not make the best of the...

Winter Fire Tower Highs

Oct 21, 2020
Author:Janelle Hoh
Hamilton County. It’s a place of small towns and big outdoors. In fact, well over half the county is classified as Forest Preserve. That’s a lot of space to explore!    And it’s all beautiful.  ...

A Two for One Morning in Indian Lake

Oct 20, 2020
Author:Katie Stuart
This fall has been one of the best foliage seasons we have had in years. I had an itch to do some fall hiking even though we were past peak foliage, I knew it would still be beautiful. I was looking...

Leaf Peeping on Two Wheels Through the Adirondacks

Sep 27, 2020
Author:Katie Stuart
Cycling is popular all summer long on Adirondack roads, but the fall is one of my favorite times to get out on the roads and take in the scenery. Throughout the month of September, the foliage is...

The Peaks at Peak

Sep 21, 2020
Author:RaChelle Martz
We had one seriously hot summer, but as quickly as September arrived, so did the beautiful cool weather that makes us all turn off the air conditioners and crack the windows at night. Along with the...

Paddling at Dawn

Aug 23, 2020
Author:Katie Stuart
Stacy, a Long Lake local for the last 13 years, is an avid paddler and business owner in Long Lake. She moved to Long Lake for a job opportunity and fell in love with the community. They were...

Family Fun Time in Speculator

Jul 13, 2020
Author:Justin Levine
One of the best things about the Adirondacks is how spread out most things are. One can take a beautiful ride on winding roads, soaking in the views of lakes and mountains, catching glimpses of...


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