Summer in the Big Outdoors

We do outdoors big. Here in the wild heart of the Adirondacks, vast wild forests, lakes, and ponds, plus quaint towns and hamlets join together to form the perfect getaway spot. “Small towns, big outdoors” is our way of life! The Adirondack Experience region is home to unique shops and restaurants, attractions, and epic outdoor adventures. Pack up your gear and get outdoors today! 

Challenge yourself!

Rippling cascades. Towering hikes. Bragging rights and a patch or sticker! We're home to unique natural features and man-made historic treasures and we want you to explore them with cool, scenic challenges. From roadside and backcountry waterfalls to historic fire towers, you'll find amazing challenges in Hamilton County.

Get out on the water

Paddling and fishing are scenic, adventurous ways to experience our big outdoors. From ponds and lakes to remote rivers inhabited by elusive trout, Hamilton County has spots and routes that are perfect for your family. For more thrills, whitewater rafting is your ticket to excitement, led by experienced guides.

Two women stand on a wooden deck at a rustic brewery in early twilight.
Ride hard, play hard at local breweries, restaurants, and more!
A woman sits with her back to the camera; she faces a churning waterfall surrounded by green-leaved trees.
Are you ready for the Waterfall Challenge?
Three vertically-oriented paintings depicting modern Indigenous American art hang on an orange wall.
Explore the ADKX, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake
The sun sets behind a small island and over a lake tinged pink and orange by the light.
Sunsets, picturesque lakes, and amazing camping abound in Hamilton County.

Cultural attractions

While you're here, immerse yourself historic sites and museums! We're home to a world-renowned museum, a preserved Adirondack Great Camp, and more. Explore on your own or enjoy scenic tour, a local must-do! We have narrated boat rides full of historic facts and on the water-only views, dine in style, cruise past Great Camps, or even see the Adirondacks the way birds do! That's right, we have float plane tours, taking off from lakes and soaring in the sky for unforgettable views!

Summer under the stars

If you're looking for the perfect spot for camping, you're in luck! Whether you’re looking to park for the summer, drive in to a campsite, or find a secluded spot deep in the wilderness, we're sure you'll find a site that will suit all of your needs. Campgrounds offer amenities such as fireplaces and picnic tables, as well as RV hookups, while backcountry sites offer peace, tranquility, and unparalleled views.

Small towns, big fun

Whichever community you find yourself in, you'll find welcoming faces, Adirondack hospitality, and all the amenities that make vacation special. Each community in the Adirondack Experience has its own character and charm, from beloved, family-run restaurants to the scenery of a lakeside campground.


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