6 Cozy Taverns and Restaurants To Try

Comfort foods on the way

Hamilton County is decidedly the cool cousin of our most intense seasons of outdoor recreation, winter and spring! What goes better with ever changing wild weather patterns than tons of options for outdoor fun? We’ve got miles upon miles of snowmobiling trails, lakes, and snow capped behemoths to scale. And if this snow melt tells us anything; we'll be taking out our paddles! While you may get a little busy cramming all your adventuring into your stay, we know those tummies are grumbling. No need to start scrounging the ingredients you brought for a sandwich, there’s plenty of cozy and delectable taverns and restaurants in the region, brimming with comfort foods to soothe your soul and the windburn on your cheeks. 

A close up of someone digging their fork into a cinnamon bun at a diner.

Adirondack Hotel - Long Lake

An historic mainstay that never fails to ring in snowmobilers and tired travelers to its front porch, the Adirondack Hotel is no stranger to satisfying hungry guests. A stacked menu, dark yet cozy bar, and views of Long Lake across the street make this turn of the century hotel a must-dine spot. Their entrees include the salmon siciliano, a 14 oz ribeye steak, and the chicken and jumbo shrimp. If you go, you MUST get the bourbon molasses wings, it's a crime if you don’t. 

An old Adirondack hotel in spring.

Long View Lodge - Long Lake

The Long View Lodge in Long Lake blends a classic Adirondack dining experience with a modern menu, making for the perfect stop after a day on the lake. Right off the shores of Long Lake, you’ll be able to take your spot at the bar or any of the window seats available with quaint views of the lake. Their menu is constantly changing, showcasing apps like shrimp and scallop cakes, avocado spinach salad, or their house-cured salmon. For dinner, try the pan-seared scallops, the house smoked half chicken, or the vegetarian strudel. 

A close up of a high-end meal of meat and potatoes with a garnish on top.

The Ole Barn Restaurant - Inlet

For rustic interiors and dishes that remind you of the good old days, the Ole Barn Restaurant in Inlet is a staple. Their charming presence in town (quite literally an ‘ole’ barn) fits in perfectly with Inlet’s ability to transport travelers into a classic mountain town. Just a few steps from the golf course (we'll see you out there!) their menu will keep you coming back for more, with their shrimp scampi, fresh haddock, or the Italian seafood. 

A rustic restaurant shaped like a brown barn in spring.

Chef Darrell’s Mountain Diner - Blue Mountain Lake 

Chef Darell’s Mountain Diner made quite the trek to becoming the adorable pit stop it is today in the heart of Blue Mountain Lake. This 42-seat diner was assembled in Patterson, New Jersey more than 75 years ago, before being shipped off to Baltimore, Maryland to serve patrons for decades. It was later hauled to Pennsylvania, then Ohio, before landing in Blue Mountain Lake in 2017. After all that traveling, the wait was worth it! True to diner law, breakfast is served all day, with comfort foods like meatloaf, glazed salmon, and buttermilk fried chicken sprinkled in as well.  

A chef smiles at a diner booth with dishes he created.

Sunrise Diner - Speculator 

It’s not called the Sunrise Diner for nothing! This little restaurant wakes up at 5 a.m. seven days a week, serving up breakfast and lunch favorites for all you early risers. Featuring a bar with a view of their kitchen, you can watch your pancakes get flipped and eggs scrambled right before your eyes while you wake up. Try their breakfast quesadilla, or specials ranging from sausage biscuits and gravy, to Philly cheesesteaks. 

A grey rustic interior of a restaraurant with a breakfast bar and tables.

Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern - Indian Lake 

It may become obvious while reading this who the favorite is, but I can’t help it, the Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern is just that good. Their cozy vibes and lively atmosphere aside, Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern is located right in the middle of Indian Lake, so there’s really no reason not to try it. Their menu is extensive, with pages of tasty offerings, (the fried chicken sandwich is the size of your head, last I checked) and overall it ticks every box for the perfect place to dig in after a long winters day. There’s plenty of parking for cars and snowmobiles, with ample seating inside for large or small gatherings. The quintessential pairing for an all day adventure in Hamilton County. 

A sign with "Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern" on it hanging off the outside of a restaurant in winter.

Forks and knives up!

Hamilton County is brimming with cozy taverns serving up comfort foods, and restaurants offering up stellar views of the season. Whether you’re coming off the trail, or on your way to your basecamp, you won’t have to look far for your next meal. 

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