5 Reasons to Snowmobile Hamilton County

Winter is most fun when you get outdoors and play in the snow, and this doesn’t change the older we get. A favorite winter pasttime in the Adirondacks is snowmobiling, and the mountains and their surrounding communities welcome snowmobilers. Hamilton County, in the heart of the Adirondacks, offers great amenities and world-class trails. Endless trails that is. I spoke with Edward LaScala of the Indian Lake Snowarriors about why he loves snowmobiling in the Adirondacks. Here is what I learned.

1) The Snowarriors

The Snowarriors is one of many Adirondack based clubs you can join if you are a snowmobiler, and even if you are just a beginner interested in learning more. The Snowarriors are integral to the Indian Lake community. They groom the trails and work on making the signage the best it can be, and they offer educational workshops. They also do community outreach to help fund the club, which helps make the trails exciting and safe to ride. Right now The Snowarriors have record membership with 250 members. Check out this new groomer they just purchased.

2) The trails

The Snowarriors groom 14 miles of trail four to five days per week during the winter season and when conditions permit. This includes the O'Neill flow road off Route 28. The O'Neil flow trail is very diverse, with deep woods and wide open vistas of mountains. The trail follows a seasonal logging road and most of it is 14-16 feet wide. Edward loves all the trails in the Adirondacks because they are so “diverse,” and you will never be bored. The trails travel through diverse terrain, including through woods and old oak forests. They are wide and sometimes narrow. They travel past the many waterways flowing throughout the Adirondacks and they are immersed in breathtaking scenery.

The trails in Indian Lake connect to the Moose River Plains, which is a thoroughfare that snowmobilers love to ride because it is also a gateway to the north. The trails from Indian Lake also connect to Speculator and all points south, including Newcomb and Long Lake. The mountain vistas and many waterways along these trails cannot be beat.

3) The amenities

Hamilton County — specifically Long Lake, Speculator, Inlet, and Indian Lake — is an especially great hub for snowmobilers because of the amenities. Each town offers great restaurants, places to stay, and places to fuel up. Edward said that the Snowarriors, and snowmobilers in general, are a great asset to Indian Lake because for them the town is a destination, which is good for Indian Lake’s economy and great for snowmobilers looking to fuel up and relax when they aren’t sledding. 

4) The community

Edward described the Snowarriors as a community. They are group of dedicated sledders looking to always make the trails better and safer with proper signage, and to connect snowmobilers to a welcoming place. They have a committed board dedicated to grooming the trails. Check out their website to see the events they host and to learn more about getting involved.

5) The trails

The trails are what you’re really looking for when you wanna start your engines, right? Check out this map and start planning your route.

Interested in snowmobiling? Whether you’re a newbie or expert, Indian Lake is a great place to get your sled on. Start planning your trip today. Find a cozy place to rest, a great place to dine, and a great place for your apes-sled.

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