Fishing for a Good Time With Your Kids

Whether you’re looking for a way to get your kids outdoors, sneak in a little extra family time, or just go out and show your son or daughter how to catch their own dinner, fishing can be a great activity for kids and grownups alike.

You don’t have to have tons of great gear or be in tip-top physical shape to go fishing. I mean, let’s be honest, all you need is a stick, some string, and a hook.
What you do need is the proper mindset!

Girls with fishing pole in boat
Girls with fishing pole in boat

Keep It Simple!

It’s easy nowadays to get lost in a rabbit hole of searching online for fishing gear, but it might be a good idea to just shop local and keep it simple when you first introduce your kids to fishing!

Pole, Fishing Line, Hooks, Lures, or Bait
Don’t worry it you didn’t bring any of that stuff with you on your Adirondack vacation, there is a store nearby that will have all the basics.

Boy on beach casting into lake
Boy on beach casting into lake

Keep It Fun!

Of course, fun is relative to the kid(s) you are with, so know your audience. You’re out there to fish but don’t limit yourself. If your daughter likes rocks, spend some time checking out the local geology, maybe even panning for gold or searching for fossils. If your son has trouble sitting still, fishing might mean checking the sky for different birds and ducks flying around; scanning the shore for turtles, frogs, or even a beaver or paddling while out on the water. It’s all good if you’re out there in nature.

Boy fishing from boat with grandfather
Boy fishing from boat with grandfather

Keep It Safe!

If you’re fishing, you’re near or on water, so play it safe. Find out the proper type of life jacket (PFD) for your kid if you’re going to be in a boat, or even if you’re going to be fishing off a pier or dock into deep water. If you’re going to be out in a boat, pay attention to the younger members of the crew. Overly fidgety behavior can rock a boat, so if your little one starts to wiggle, announce that it is break time! Or swim time! Or lunch time!

Also, encourage your kids to wear clothing suitable for fishing, and pack some supplies: sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit, and, of course, water and snacks.

Boy and mother fishing from boat on lake
Boy and mother fishing from boat on lake

Keep It Stress Free!

The goal is to go fishing, not necessarily to go catching. Of course, catching is a nice side benefit, especially if that’s your plan for dinner. But, if you keep the pressure off, the experience will be much more rewarding — for everyone! Encourage your son to make that perfect cast or your daughter to reel in her line at just the right speed. Our kids have enough pressure at school, in sports, and in society. Let fishing be the thing they can go to at their own pace, and where it’s optional to have anything tangible to show for their efforts.

Don't underestimate how relaxing fishing can be!
* You’re outside, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Adirondacks.
* You’re spending time with your kids on a lake or a pond, or even by a river.
* You’re away from work (or school, for your kids).
So relax! Let time melt away and enjoy some memorable moments with your kids.

Boy and father fishing from dock at sunset
Boy and father fishing from dock at sunset

There are plenty of fishing holes in the Adirondacks! And if you don't get a bite, head into town and get a bite of your own!


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