Plan The Ultimate Guys Snowmobile Getaway

Boys Trip to the 'DAKS!

Tis' the season for shopping, in-laws coming to visit, and corporate holiday parties. Having the kids bouncing off the walls from all of the overstimulating holiday activity is only the icing on the cake. If you are like me, just the thought of it makes you desire some alone time & solitude. I'm guessing that right now some time on the trails with your sled, and of course a pack of your best friends, sounds pretty good. Yes, it's time for a guys snowmobile trip to the Adirondacks! 

Steps for Planning the Ultimate Guys Snowmobile Getaway:

1. Pick a Date

First off, you need to call the boys together and pick a date that works for everyone (or almost everyone - you can leave behind that guy who spent the last vacation in the corner checking in with his wife every 20 minutes)! Find the perfect weekend to escape for some much-needed fun on the trails. It may be that your date is dependent on when everyone that wants in is available. Or you may want to plan your trip around one of the fun events planned for this winter. Whenever you choose to come, even if you can't sneak the trip in before the holidays, having a date set will help you get through having to listen to Aunt Sue complain that Uncle Walt forgot his hearing aid at home again. 

2. Tell Your Spouse

Or don't tell your spouse (I really don't care). Either way, you are on your own here. Good Luck!

3. Get Your Free Snowmobile Trail Map

Get Your Adirondack Trail Map (Courtesy of Darrin Harr -
Get Your Adirondack Trail Map (Courtesy of Darrin Harr -

Your next step for planning your guys trip to the Adirondacks is either downloading your Adirondack Snowmobile Trail Map or requesting to have one mailed to you. The updated 2014-15 trail map will help you plan where you want to make your base camp, decide where you want to ride, and choose what destinations you want to visit. From taverns, restaurants and watering holes, to lodging accommodations, service stations and repair shops, the Adirondack Snowmobile Trail Map is the place to start. The best part is... it is absolutely FREE! So don't wait, get yours today.

4. Find a Base Camp

Now that you have your map in hand, date selected and have told (or not told) your wife about the trip, the fun is about to start! It is time to decide where you want to make your base camp for your snowmobiling weekend with the boys. As you find the trails you want to ride, start linking them to the assortment of nearby lodging that best meets your needs. Browse through our accommodations listing to find the perfect resting place to kick back after a day riding, eating and maybe even visiting a few of the local watering holes. To make life simpler, make sure to take advantage of our "lodging search" which allows you to narrow down the selection by town or accommodation type.

5. Pick your Riding Destinations & Attractions 

Adirondack Snowmobile Destination
Adirondack Snowmobile Destination

With so many miles of beautiful snowmobile trails, you will soon come to the realization that you won't be able to see everything you want to see in just one trip. It's time to start narrowing down the trails you want to ride and the destinations you want to see. Maybe it is the iconic Frozen Ice Boat in Raquette Lake that you want to visit for some chili dogs and a cold beer. Maybe you want to visit Matt's Draft House in Inlet to sample some of the 50 brews on tap. It could be that you want to stop by a cool event in Long Lake or ride the trails in Speculator that lead you past Oak Mountain and the mysterious Kunjamuk Cave. Whatever it may be, it is time to start narrowing down the list of where you want to ride when you are here.

6. Get Here

This step is pretty self explanatory. The only question is... what are you waiting for? 

7. It's Riding Time!

Snowmobiling the Adirondacks
Snowmobiling the Adirondacks

Now that the pain of telling your wife about the trip is behind you, it is now your time to spend with great friends enjoying endless hours of riding! Make sure to begin your day with a hearty Adirondack breakfast - perfect way of amping up your adrenaline for a day on the trails. Break for lunch to refuel, and then end the day swapping stories and sharing laughs with other riders at our local taverns. Remember, when you are in the Adirondacks, the only timeline you need to follow is your own. Make the most of it and remember to ride safe! See you on the trails...

Visit Adirondacks - Adirondack Snowmobile Map
Visit Adirondacks - Adirondack Snowmobile Map

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