Kunjamuk Cave

The mysterious Kunjamuk Cave is a natural formation caused by erosion.
The mysterious Kunjamuk Cave is a natural formation caused by erosion.


Elm Lake Road
Speculator, NY 12164

This is a very mysterious cave that keeps everyone wondering if it was man-made or not. Check it out and decide for yourself. The cave itself is about 15 feet deep and 8 feet wide with a small window opening near the top. For the trail along the river, see Kunjamuk Trail.

How to get there

At the intersection of Route 8 and Route 30 in the village of Speculator, look for Elm Lake Road. Follow Elm Lake Road for 1.8 miles to a dirt road on the right. Park here, at Perkins Clearing. Follow the dirt road to Kunjamuk Cave. This is the Speculator "Loop" mountain biking trail system.

For a shorter hike, the Kunjamuk Cave Trail is open to hikers, cyclists and motor vehicles in the summer and fall. An informal parking area is located just east of the trail to the shallow but historic Kunjamuk Cave.


Many people park near the cave and walk the short spur path to it, but it is much more interesting to walk or mountain bike the road to the cave. The entire walk is just over a mile, which is very easy and perfect for all types of hikers and visitors. The road continues past the cave and eventually comes to Old Route 8. This secondary trailhead is another excellent option for visiting the cave, and it is equally friendly for the entire family. The distance is similar as well.

The cave itself is just off the road and is a very quick walk if you don't opt for a longer hike.

Winter Overview

This would be a nice introductory snowshoe or short cross-country ski destination for the entire family. Be aware that snowmobiles may also be using the trail.

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