Dinner with a view

There are lots of great restaurants here in the Adirondacks. They range from fine dining to your typical hometown diners. They are all fantastic and offer a great range of food to satisfy your hunger.

Finer Dining

My husband and I love to treat ourselves and go out to dinner once in a while. However, it's a rare treat when we get to go out sans kids. When it comes to treating ourselves, there is one place we always love to go — Melody Lodge.

Though they are closed from October 10 to November 25, I am already dreaming about what to order during our next visit! With winter looming, it's a great place to warm up after a cold day of snowmobiling, skiing, or tubing. You should definitely plan to add this restaurant to your list.

Black Bean Soup Melody Lodge
Black Bean Soup Melody Lodge

Melody Lodge

Situated just outside of Lake Pleasant, up on a hill, there are few places like it. There is a beautiful stone patio where you can take in the scenery, and on a good day, you can see all the way down to the lake. Inside the lobby is a cozy sitting area that is a great spot to hang out and wait for a table or even just relax and have a drink. In the cooler months the fireplace is roaring.

The Dining Room

For a more intimate, romantic dinner, my husband and I will head to the dining room where we will grab a table for two. There is a second fireplace located in the dining room that's a great spot to sit, or you might be able to get a window seat. No matter where you sit, you can't go wrong, and the food is amazing!

Melody Lodge Salmon Artichoke
Melody Lodge Salmon Artichoke

The Tap Room

If we are looking for something a little more casual, we will head to the Tap Room and grab a table, or maybe even just a couple of stools at the bar. They have a full bar for cocktails and 4 New York State craft beers on draft, as well as the usual domestic and imported bottled beers. The bar area is great because you can still order off the Dining Room Menu, or if you're looking for something a little more casual you have the option of ordering off the Bar Menu which has (amazing) burgers, pasta dishes, and some smaller versions of their full-size dinners.  It's a popular place year-round, and with colder weather looming, it's good to note it's easily accessible and welcoming if you arrive on snowmobile!

Melody Lodge Burger
Melody Lodge Burger

What To Eat

Both menus have great options for appetizers and entrees. I love to start out with an appetizer of either Buffalo Shrimp or the Lamb Lolly Chops. Then for an entrée, either a nice big New York Strip Steak or a Bacon Cheddar Burger on a Brioche Roll. Another favorite of mine from the Tap Room is the Sausage with Penne! And, honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the desserts offered at the Melody Lodge. Everything is home made from the Bread Pudding with bourbon sauce, to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, to the espresso soaked Tiramisu.

Lamb Lolly Melody Lodge
Lamb Lolly Melody Lodge

Check it out!

If you're in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. Better yet,  Melody Lodge offers overnight lodging and there are lots of other great places to stay nearby. Don't forget to make your reservations today! 

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