Long Lake, Leaf Season

Long Lake, Leaf Season

Thinking of a fall getaway?

There are many flavors. If some of your favorite plans include a cozy Adirondack lodge by a lovely lake, consider the Long View. The Long View Lodge, that is. The Lodge dates back to the late 1800s, when a farmhouse was turned into a "tourist home" called the Emerson Homestead. As visitor hospitality became more elaborate, the property was improved with extra guest rooms and a dining area.

Part of the Roaring Twenties

This place has an easy to find slogan: "Drink, eat, sleep." As seen on the Lodge itself.

Sounds like a plan.

The Long View Lodge is a four season destination.

The Lodge as seen today is a new structure, since the original burned to the ground in 1929. The replacement building went up by the fall of that year. The third generation of the Emerson family added the bar and were known far and wide as humorous hosts who told great stories. In 1971 they passed it on to a daughter and her husband, who modernized the bathrooms and completed many other projects. In 1994 the fifth generation of this family continued the upgrades, including fully winterizing it for year round use.

The present owners purchased the property in 2017 and have brought every aspect of it up to date, inside and out.

The Long View Lodge in 1929. Love those old cars!

On my recent tour, I really enjoyed the vintage photographs which line the hallways. They are all part of the refurbishing that retained important elements or the original structure, like a fine porch with a view of the lake.

One of the finest porches in the area. Sit back and watch the leaves turning.

Expansive common areas and a beautiful property allow guests to move inside and outside as weather permits, and there are plenty of great vistas.


The bar has some beautiful copper mugs stacked at one end. "Moscow Mules?" I asked the bartender. His smile told me all about their popularity. "We know how to do them right," he assured me. "Fresh lime and a really good ginger beer."

Craft cocktails and wine on draft.

In addition to the beers on tap, their several house wines distinguish themselves by being on tap too. This means they are always at maximum freshness.

Relax in the Great Room with its giant couches and big fireplace.

If I wanted a little more privacy, the Great Room, wraparound porch, and a dining deck lets me choose to match my mood.


The charming dining room has giant windows to let in the views. All the wood gave the light a golden glow. The menu offers hot and cold starters, wood oven flatbreads, and grilled entrees. The side dishes have a twist of originality, like the macaroni and cheese with bacon and herbs with real New York cheddar in the sauce.

Barrel wines on tap preserve the flavor, as in this fine rose from the Finger Lakes.

Had I been with my husband, we'd have definitely gotten the grilled rib-eye for two, which is dry aged in-house. Instead, I chose the fries, which were seasoned with herbs and coarse salt and homemade spicy ketchup. It made this common dish something really special.

Sit by the fireplace and enjoy the view from the big windows.

There's certainly more enjoyment here than anyone can cover in just one meal. I must bring someone here and try more of the treats which caught my eye.


My decorating tastes lean toward simple rooms with big windows. The sample rooms Nate showed me were just right. Lots of wood, light walls, and classic shapes that complemented, not competed, with the glorious views.

Classic simplicity with welcoming touches throughout.

This is a room which invites me to stay up late and sleep in as long as I want. I love that feeling of the world waiting for me.

Still, Nate had several suggestions for enjoying the local vistas, from scenic drives — "just go in any direction" — to easy hikes — "Coney Mountain is nearby, easy to climb, and has a great view." This is his favorite way to view the scenery? "The float plane operates deep into the fall season. That's what I recommend if you really want to get the most leaves."

Modern where it counts, of course.

I have seen a lot of New England-style autumns. The Adirondacks are still the most spectacular.

We have all the essential tree species for a full spectrum of color, against a background of acres and acres of forest. The foliage covers the canvas of mountainsides and is reflected in deep, glacier-dug, lakes.

Plenty of scenic drives.

I can even imagine spending a delightful weekend without leaving very often. After all, when the company is special, the best activity might be none at all. Which is another fine Adirondack tradition I endorse.

Start the getaway with a place to stay. Don't neglect any dining choices. Discover all the tours and excursions.

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