Paddling at Dawn

Stacy, a Long Lake local for the last 13 years, is an avid paddler and business owner in Long Lake. She moved to Long Lake for a job opportunity and fell in love with the community. They were welcoming, friendly, and loved having a new face in town. Stacey loved the way the community accepted her, and never looked back.

She owns and runs Another Paradise Cove, a paddling shop in Long Lake. It is a one-stop shop for all your paddling needs including clothing, life jackets, and all other paddling accessories. Rentals available include stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and more. Next door, check out The Bakery with coffee, cappuccino, espresso, pies, pastries, and bagels.

After years of playing organized sports, Stacy wanted to get into a sport that was more freeing. She fell in love with paddling, and many years later still enjoys it just as much.

She was never one to get up early until she found paddling. “It is sometimes the only way I can feel happy about sending people out to play all day, if I got to play in the morning.” Now, owning her own paddle shop, she likes to get up early and catch the sunrise while paddling before she heads to work and starts sending customers out for their paddles. She says it is much easier to plan a day for a visitor, mapping out a route, deciding what board they will take or where they will eat lunch, if she was able to get out for a paddle or a hike in the morning before going to work.

“People can tell within a second of being around me whether or not I’ve gotten in my morning play time.” Stacey says getting out in the morning is a complete game changer for the rest of her day. It sets the positive mood, and makes her excited to get to work and start sharing her experiences with customers and share some of the same places she has visited when outlining their trips.

Paddle boarding takes on a slower pace than kayaking or canoeing, and it forces you to slow down as well. Taking in the mountainous views is something you will never get sick of. Long Lake is a great place to try any water sports for the first time, because you can always see the shoreline and it is easy to navigate back to where you started and not get lost. “The town of Long Lake is unique in that everyone who lives here is hoping that our visitors have fun and enjoy the town like we do”

“No one can tell exactly what their day is going to hold, so if you're feeling like you need to play, whether it's to relax, keep your sanity, or get exercise, the absolute best time to play is first thing in the morning. I really think it changes your life.”

Experience Long Lake, stop by Another Paradise Cove, rent a board or boat and find your relaxation on the water.

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