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Great Camp Sagamore is gearing up to open for the season. Everything is getting scrubbed down and spruced up after a winter of being closed. I was lucky enough to take a little walk around the grounds before they opened up!

There is a very serene, peaceful quietness to being there. Driving down Sagamore Road, it seemed like I couldn't get any farther into the woods. I kept thinking it must be just around the next corner, but it wasn't. The 4-mile drive did not seem torturous. I wasn't asking "Are we there yet?" but I was thoroughly enjoying how calm and quiet everything was.

Reaching the buildings, the beauty was overwhelming. These are obviously very old buildings, so it was like being transported back in time. After a quick chat with the registrar, Marie Congalosi, and Executive Director Garet Livermore, I wandered around to check things out and get some shots of the grounds. For a place bustling with activity throughout the summer, it was strange to see it so quiet! 

Great Camp Sagamore's Main Lodge
Great Camp Sagamore's Main Lodge

One of the great things about Great Camp Sagamore is the many different offerings they have throughout the summer. They focus heavily on heritage and Adirondack education. It truly is hands-on history.


Great Camp Sagamore offers two hour educational tours all summer long. The tour consists of a slide show and a walking tour that takes you all over the grounds. You will learn about the ownership history of the camp and how it has been utilized every year since 1897!

From May 28 through June 12, tours are offered every Saturday and Sunday. There are daily tours June 18 through October 10 . Times vary, so make sure you check out their website. There is also a gift shop on site. 


This program is offered from May 30- June 3. You will be able to witness firsthand the boreal birds of the Adirondacks! Expert naturalists will give lectures and presentations about the flora and fauna of the region.


This year is the 12th annual Adirondack Birding Festival, and Great Camp Sagamore is offering a fantastic package for those wishing to participate. Included in the package is a three-night stay, a continental breakfast each morning, a dinner buffet in the Sagamore Dining Hall on Thursday, a packed lunch to take with you on your birding excursion on Friday, a special dinner cruise on the W.W. Durant, and an outdoor barbecue on Saturday night with live music and complimentary beer from the Adirondack Pub & Brewery in Lake George! Don't forget to call Hamilton County Tourism to register for your trips: (518) 548-3076.

Great Camp Sagamore
Great Camp Sagamore


Each year the Black Fly Challenge Bike Race takes place; this year it's from Inlet to Indian Lake. As a sponsor of the event, the Sagamore is offering an amazing package for participants. You will get to take a special cruise aboard the W.W. Durant, have a healthy pre-race breakfast, enjoy free transporation to and from the race, and end the day with a barbecue and complimentary beer from the Adirondack Brewery, all while enjoying live music!


From June 19-24, the Sagamore will host professional artists who will act as teachers during their stay. Come develop your painting skills and gain even more appreciation for the natural beauty around us! 

Great Camp Sagamore Carpenter Shop
Great Camp Sagamore Carpenter Shop


Come to the Sagamore for a one-night stay and leave with the skill of basket weaving! An instructor will walk you through how to make your very own berry picking basket.


Craft brewing has become a huge trend, and you can come to the Sagamore to learn more about it! For the fifth year in a row, Great Camp Sagamore will host the Black Fly Beer Camp from June 24-26. Matt Brewing, Adirondack Pub and Brewery, Good Nature Brewing, and more will be on site to offer courses about craft brewing. You can attend a pairing dinner, a home-brew evaluation, and many different lectures about beer!

Great Camp Sagamore Lake
Great Camp Sagamore Lake


From Friday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 5, celebrate our independence! There will be many great activities for the whole family to participate in.


There are two different grandparent and grandchildren events going on this summer.

The first is "Hiking and Paddling in the Adirondacks," taking place from July 10-15. Geared toward grandparents with grandchildren between the ages of 10 and 13, you can explore and learn new skills such as hiking, canoeing, camping, and fire making.

The second event is "An Intergenerational Adventure," from July 26-31. It's geared toward grandkids ages 6-9. Spend your mornings on nature hikes and your afternoons making crafts!


During this retreat, from August 21-26, professional photographers will help you figure out some of those confusing setings on your camera and teach you the basics of photography. You can also learn how to edit photos and more!


Come to the Sagamore from August 28 through September 1 and learn all about kayaking. They will even supply the kayak! You will learn about safety and equipment as well as how to kayak on flat water and choppy water. 

Great Camp Sagamore Boat House
Great Camp Sagamore Boat House


All of this and more is going on at Great Camp Sagamore this summer! Don't miss out on learning a great new skill or on spending some quality time with the family. Make your reservations now.

Don't forget to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a weekend stay at Great Camp Sagamore along with lots of other great prizes!

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