Rock On!

Rock On

Here in the Adirondacks we have many great mountains to hike, but we also have tons of great rocks! With so many awesome sights to check out, it is hard to choose one favorite!

Rocky Mountain - Inlet

Rocky Mountain Inlet
Rocky Mountain Inlet Summit

Rocky Mountain is an incredibly popular hike here in the Adirondacks! This short and sweet trail is only about a 1 mile round trip which makes it a great hike for families. Open May through October, this hike brings you to an open but very rocky summit. From here you have spectacular views of Fourth Lake. This trail does get pretty steep at points so use caution! Like the name suggests, there are lots of rocks and they can be slippery.

Chimney Mountain - Indian Lake

The Chimney Chimney Mountain
The Chimney Chimney Mountain Indian Lake

Chimney Mountain is a 2.6 mile round trip hike. This hike is unique for two reasons. 1) The summit of this mountain offers a full 360-degree, gorgeous panoramic view of Indian Lake. 2) Just below the true summit you can find a geological oddity— a rock chimney. This mountain also offers a great cave system for expert spelunkers. There is a $2 charge for parking, and as this is private land, it is asked that you respect the property.

Chimney Mountain Parking
Chimney Mountain Parking

Rock Pond - Long Lake

Rock Pond Long Lake
Rock Pond Long Lake

Looking for a nice place to paddle? You'll have to start out in Little Tupper Lake, but from the south side of the lake you can access the inlet for Rock Pond. This is a beautiful area in which to sightsee, plus there are plenty of camping opportunities here!

Castle Rock - Blue Mountain Lake

Another great hike here in the Adirondacks can be found right in Blue Mountain Lake! The Castle Rock 3-mile loop does have its difficulties, but the amazing sights make it well worth it. Along the trail you will come across some very interesting rock formations, caves, and cliffs. The summit here over looks Blue Mountain Lake. This is also a great trail to snowshoe in the winter.

Funky Rock Formations

Pig Rock

Pig Rock Speculator
Pig Rock Speculator

Located just between Speculator and Indian Lake on Route 30 is a rock that you can't miss! Pig Rock has a nice little paint job to make it easily recognizable, but it would be hard to miss anyway. This huge boulder sits just up the road from Deerfoot Lodge and is a favorite of many locals and visitors.

Indian Rock

Indian Rock Wells NY
Indian Rock Wells NY

The Indian Rock can be a little harder to spot. If you are headed South on Route 30 from Speculator to Wells, this rock is on the right-hand side of the road. This one is especially meaningful to the Wells Central School Indians!

Panther Mountain

Panther Mountain Kids
Panthr Mountain Kids Piseco NY

Panther Mountain in Piseco is not only a great family hike for the views, but it offers so many neat rocks along the way that kids and adults alike love! Couch Boulder offers a nice seat for the little ones to take a break. A larger, almost perfectly square boulder offers great climbing and photographic opportunities. At the summit a few well staggered rocks create a neat little - very narrow! - stairway.

Panther Mountain Stairs
Panther Mountain Stairs

Everywhere you look in the Adirondacks, you will find lots of great rocks, whether it is a mountain to climb, a cliff to scale, or a silly pig on the side of the road! It's time to make plans to head out on an adventure and get your rock on!

Don't forget to check out our amazing restaurants. All of that exploring is guaranteed to make you hungry!

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