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Made OF the Adirondacks

Shopping local helps keep our communities unique and keeps our small business owners prosperous. In the Adirondacks there are a lot of small, family-owned businesses, many of these offering one-of-a-kind goods and services made right here in the Adirondacks. Nature's Marvels has found a way to be not only made in the Adirondacks, but made of the Adirondacks.

Nature's Marvels

Nature's Marvels is an art company owned by 26-year-old Robin Marvel Hausle. Robin grew up on Higgin's Bay in Piseco, NY and relocated to Lake Pleasant as a teenager. As a true native, Robin attended Piseco Central School for Elementary School, Lake Pleasant Central School for Middle School and Junior High, and Wells Central School for High School where she graduated in 2007. She currently lives and works in Lake Pleasant where her studio is located. She attended RIT where she earned her bachelor's degree in Industrial Design. Recently, she has returned to school to earn her master's in elementary education, to pursue her dream of being an elementary art teacher. Her hope is to instill her love of art into children of all ages.


Love Nature's Marvels
Table Painted by Robin Marvel Hausle


Nature's Marvels was founded by Robin 3 years ago. She draws not only her inspiration, but her resources from her home here in the Adirondacks. Specializing in jewelry, she uses antlers, porcupine quills, stones, feathers, sticks, handmade ceramic beads and more in her work.  All of her work is completely one-of-a-kind. 

Nature's Marvels Antler Beads Ceramic
Handmade Beads Nature's Marvels


As well as jewelry, Robin enjoys doing portraits in charcoal. Some of her most popular portraits are of customer's pets. She also makes hand-tied hemp collars and leashes, usually adorned with custom handmade beads.

Custom Pet Portrait Nature's Marvels
Custom Pet Portrait Nature's Marvels

Work Space

Nature's Marvels Studio
Robin's Studio

Her current studio, located in Lake Pleasant, is a very small work space that she uses every inch of. She has her own kiln and pottery wheel for her ceramic projects. She has a rock tumbler that she uses for her jewelry, which can take up to 4 weeks with 4 different grits of sandpaper to get the rocks smooth enough to paint. She also has an arsenal of tools such as saws, sanders, screw drivers, pliers, and hammers to help her in creating her work. She enjoys working with all medias and loves to experiment with new techniques.

Nature's Marvels Kiln Pottery Wheel Beads Rock Tumbler
Nature's Marvels Work Space Includes Kiln, Pottery Wheel, Rock Tumbler

Currently, her work is showcased at the Speculator Department Store in Speculator, NY. She is also more than happy to take custom orders by phone or find her on Facebook.

The Future of Nature's Marvels

Speculator Department Store Nature's Marvels
Nature's Marvels Work Displayed at Speculator Department Store

Robin is planning on moving back to Piseco in the very near future, back to where she feels her heart belongs. In doing this, she plans to expand her business and work space. Currently she works on her art in her spare time when she has custom orders or needs to replenish her stock at the Speculator Department Store, but once she relocates she is hoping to make art her life. She is also looking forward to continuing her Nature's Marvels summer camp that she started in 2015. 

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