Adirondack Oddities

Driving through the Adirondacks, no matter what time of year, is always beautiful. But if you've ever driven though our little towns, you have probably seen a few of our roadside oddities. And if not, maybe it's time to take a drive! 

Pig Rock 

Probably one of the most famous — and recognizable — roadside treasures is Pig Rock.

Pig Rock in Speculator
Pig Rock in Speculator
This rock is located on the side of Route 30 just north of Speculator. This famous rock was unearthed during the construction of Route 30 and placed along the side of the road. It was eventually painted by the Christian boys camp, Deerfoot Lodge, which is just up the road. For some, the pig is a fun landmark to visit. For others, it's a sign that they are almost home!

Gone Fishin'

If you've ever driven through Piseco, I can almost guarantee that you've seen this guy! Standing about 15 feet tall, he's hard to miss. If you are headed toward Speculator on Route 8, you'll first come upon a wooden sign sticking out of the ground proclaiming "Gone Fishin'. Just after that, you'll find this guy: 

Gone Fishin' in Piseco
Gone Fishin' in Piseco

This towering wooden statue is just hanging out with his fishing rod and his pup companion. It looks like he had already gotten a bite!

Close Encounters

If you are looking for an encounter of the third kind, take a drive from Speculator to Indian Lake on Route 30 north. On the left side of the road is a silver UFO! If you drive by at night, you might even get to see some eerie lights glowing from the spaceship! But don't expect to see any little green men... 

Indian Rock

Wells Central School, my alma mater, is known as the home of the Indians. That makes this rock the perfect unofficial mascot. 

Indian Rock Wells
Indian Rock Wells
Hidden in the cliffs on Route 30, between Speculator and Wells, you can find this rock, which looks like a stoic Native American chief. The paint on the rock appeared only within the last few years. 

Hibernating: Do Not Disturb

If you take a drive through Inlet on a nice summer day, out in front of Steifvater's Lakeside Cottages you will see a large wooden bear standing on its hind legs, holding a lantern to light your way.

Steifvater's Lakeside Cottages Bear
Steifvater's Lakeside Cottages Bear
But if you drive by in fall or winter, you won't see him at all because he is hibernating! Each year, an outhouse is placed around the statue to protect the bear from the elements. And seen on the outside: a warning to stay away!  
Steifvater's Lakeside Cottages Hibernating Bear
Steifvater's Lakeside Cottages Hibernating Bear

Phone Booth 

Probably the oddest attraction of all is located in front of the Sandy Point Motel in Long Lake — an operational phone booth!

Sandy Point Phone Booth
Sandy Point Phone Booth
OK, so it's not that odd, but to my 4-year-old son who knows it as Superman's changing place, it's pretty amazing! Phone booths, or payphones at all for that matter, are pretty rare in a world of cell phones and WiFi. 

 Take a cruise through our beautiful towns and check out these Adirondack oddities for yourself. Why not stop for a bite to eat along the way? There are lots of great restaurants spread all over our awesome little towns.

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