Amateur Video Crew Possibly Missing Near Indian Lake, NY

DISCLAIMER: This story is a fabrication, written as a spooky story for Halloween. Enjoy!!

Until about a week ago, I truly believed that I had one of the best jobs anyone could have ever ask for. I had been lucky to say that a good portion of what I did for a living was to go out, explore the wonders of the Adirondack Park, and then share those experiences with you. Along the way I have felt the need to not only share the pristine and perfect side of the Adirondacks, but also the unique aspects that sometimes fall on the borderline of odd, weird, and even a little creepy. After all, no place is perfect... and it is sometimes these imperfections that really tell the true story of what someone or someplace is like.

Unfortunately, sharing this side of the park is where things have seemed to catch up with me - leaving me rethinking the concept of sharing my life and experiences in such a public way. To be honest, I am completely freaked out at this moment because it appears that one particular blog that I wrote this past winter has not only possibly caused 3 people to be injured, go missing, or worse, but it has also caused someone (or multiple people) to find me.

The Indian Lake Project

I hate the idea of talking about this project again, especially in lieu of recent events. But in case something did happen to these three filmmakers and they are still out there somewhere, I feel it is my obligation to share this latest development in hopes that we can recover them - or at the very least let their families have some closure by knowing what had happened to their loved ones.  

Stills from one of the movie reels found within the metal suitcase shows what appears to be two blind children in a cage-type environment ( image).
Stills from one of the movie reels found within the metal suitcase shows what appears to be two blind children in a cage-type environment ( image).

So, to start from the beginning... last winter someone pointed out to me that there was this thing called the Indian Lake Project, as well as a blog that explained and investigated its existence. I don't want to get into too much detail since if you are curious you can always read this overview that I wrote (skip to #4), or follow Indian Lake Project blog in its entirety.

In short, a blogger who goes by the name of John, believes his uncle uncovered a box in Indian Lake, NY that held secret government documents, photos, etc. pertaining to a top secret military research facility called The Indian Lake Project. This facility purportedly performed mind control experiments on children in the 50s. John's research reveals that the Indian Lake Project (also known as ILP) was a branch of the CIA's project ARTICHOKE which was later renamed MKULTRA (both real CIA projects).

After spending some time in the woods uncovering more evidence, John begins to report that he believes he is being followed and that his place was broken into. After 8 years of consistent blogging, his final entry dated February 25, 2013 states, "I will begin posting updates to the new Indian Lake Project twitter account soon. Please follow @IndianLkProject to stay connected to the latest information."  John never did post anything to Twitter and no updates have been made to his blog either - which left the question: Who is John, and did something happen to him?

New Victims?

Fast Forward to Last Week...

When I first discovered the blog I thought it was interesting, but beyond that, I honestly didn't put much thought into it. That was until last week when I came back to my office after lunch to find an envelope with my name on it leaning against my office door. It was weathered and had no return address indicating where it came from. The visitor service specialist whose desk is near my office door said that it appeared when she was in the restroom.

Envelope delivered to my office on 10.22.15
Envelope delivered to my office on 10.22.15

After opening the package I was surprised to see that the only contents inside was an SD chip with just under 6-minutes of raw footage.

I received this video last Thursday. On Friday morning, when I returned to my office, I immediately noticed that the front door was ajar and something was off. After yelling into the building a few times, I slowly proceeded into my office and found that it had been ransacked. After assessing the situation, I discovered that nothing was missing besides the yellow envelope and video chip that was delivered the previous day. What they didn't know was that I had already downloaded a copy of the video to my laptop, which travels practically everywhere with me.

I don't want to talk much more about the contents of this video. I encourage you to watch it and if you can identify any of the three filmmakers (Sebastian, Tracey, Kenny), and believe them to be missing comment below - but please do not contact your local authorities, do not endanger yourself ...

My office on Friday Morning - 10.23.15
My office on Friday Morning - 10.23.15

I immediately left the office and spent the weekend with my family at an undisclosed location where no one would likely find us. It has been a few long days with little sleep, jumping at every sound, and wondering who delivered that package to me and why? Who was in my office, going through my stuff? And the worst thought... are they coming for me next?

A Final Plea for Help!

I didn't want to ever post anything again, for fear of revealing my identity to even more people, but then I thought about Tracey, Kenny, and Sebastian and their families. Do their loved ones know where they are? Are they being held somewhere and maybe there is a piece of evidence on this video that will help someone find them? I couldn't live with myself knowing that I put my own safety above theirs.

Please watch the video and if you know something, please post in the comments section below... again, DO NOT contact authorities as it is most likely the government that is behind this - instead simply post your information below and our independent task force will follow up on all leads. And finally, if you do post, please do me one more favor... watch your back!

- Happy Halloween ;)

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