Arts and Culture Beyond the ADKX

Experience the arts and culture of Hamilton County

When you think of the Adirondacks, you might think of its thick forests, cozy campfires, or peaceful lakes. While this is all true, I think most forget the diverse cultures present in the Adirondacks and how they came to be a hot destination for both family travelers and artists from all over. The unique beauty and intriguing ecosystems throughout the region are sure to turn your head, but what keeps most around is the vibrant historic culture and devotion to the arts around here! Especially during your stay in Hamilton County, you’ll get to see firsthand the way locals and traveling artists alike pay homage to the area through all different forms of media. Catch a performance at the ALCA (Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts) in Blue Mountain Lake, movie showings at the Indian Lake Theater, classic painting techniques at the many craft fairs we have, or even a concert.

Of course, the natural hub for all things art and historic Adirondack culture lies within The Adirondack Experience in Blue Mountain Lake, but we can’t let them take all the glory. Start your cultural tour at the ADKX, read up on what you’ll be seeing and hearing during your stay, and set off! Then, as you get more adventurous, see all that each town has to offer!

A man in a hat performs for an audience
A performance at the ALCA

The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

For years, The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts has been a home for all artists. The center has been the stage for play performances, Shakespeare in the Park, and a gallery for classic Adirondack paintings throughout time. The center also hosts youth and adult art education workshops and offers opportunities for artists and organizations to come teach. Visit today for a show or find out more about their classes!

Indian Lake Main Street
People walk along Indian Lake's Main Street.

Indian Lake Theater

The Indian Lake Theater is one of the many gems of Indian Lake. This little theater packs a punch! Originally shuttered in 2006, the theater was brought back to life by the efforts of five hundred people, both in and out of the community, raising $160,000 to rejuvenate the building. Another beacon for the arts, this theater stands as a testament to the efforts and dedication of locals and those that visit. Now, the theater has been transformed into a non-profit, multipurpose community center that hosts concerts, theater, classic and new films, and other events!

Great Camp Sagamore
The main building at Great Camp Sagamore

Sagamore Music Series

Up here, history tends to blend itself in with the arts and events happening all over the region! And Great Camp Sagamore is no exception. The Great Camp, once the summer home of the fabulously wealthy in the 19th and early 20th centuries, is now home to summer concerts and art exhibitions! Camp Sagamore's Music on the Green series takes place on Wednesday nights during July and August. Experience the sounds and music of local and traveling artists, and get there early for dinner in the historic dining hall.

A hand reaches to grab a container of tomatoes on a stand
Bundles of tomatoes at a farm stand

Farmers' markets

Now, if you're interested in the more delicious side of Adirondack culture, look no further! Each town hosts their own farmers' markets all summer long! In Indian Lake, the farmers' market runs into the fall season, so you can munch on your favorite cinnamon sugar donut while crunching leaves on your walk! Farmers' markets are a great way to celebrate local artists, farmers, bakers with delicious pastries, and unique crafters around the region! Looking for the real taste of the Adirondacks? Make sure to check out local farmer’s products when you stop by; these markets are the perfect place to support local farms and businesses that keep the region thriving!

Craft fair featuring rustic furniture
Old snowshoes, foxes, and Adirondack shelves

Craft fairs

The lovable twin to a farmers' market, craft fairs are the perfect place to stock up on Adirondack souvenirs, furniture, fine jewelry, and more! Leave with your own handmade deer-antler lamp, a homemade rug, or even an Adirondack furniture set! Join in on events like the TWIGS Craft Fair in Speculator or the Adirondack Artisan Festival. Artists from the area can also display their work here. Take the leap and purchase a painting or wood carving to take home so that you always have a piece of the Adirondacks with you! 

Whatever your interests are, there is a way for everyone in the Adirondacks to take home a piece of art and culture from their stay. Experience the vibrant art scene, hear the crisp, unique sounds of our musicians, bite into locally grown fruits and vegetables, or catch a play! Hamilton County is as much a home to arts and cultural tradition as the rest of the Adirondack region. Explore it today!


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