Kid-Approved Summer Fun

School’s out for the summer and the kids want to play! Why not join them in the fun? A vacation to the Adirondacks offers plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors, and it’s good fun for the entire family. Hike a mountain to scan the world from a fire tower at the summit. Paddle a lake. Go fishing. Relax on a sandy lakeside beach. The kids will make memories that last a lifetime. Here are some kid-approved adventures that will create those new memories and traditions centered around a love for the outdoors.

The beach

What is summer without a beach? Almost every town in the heart of the Adirondacks has a lakeside beach where you can lie on the sand, watch some loons swim by, and swim in the gentle waters of a freshwater lake. A bonus is that there are lifeguards on duty. Below is a picture at Inlet Public Beach where there is also a wooden pirate ship and a playground for the kids.


Wanna burn off some of that energy? Hiking is the best for providing big rewards with grand views at the mountain's summit. Try the Fire Tower Challenge. Hike eighteen of the twenty-three fire towers in New York state to win a patch and the honor of being an inductee in the fire tower hall of fame. Or, try shorter hikes that also offer big rewards and grand views. Here are some family friendly hikes in the region.


There are many great places to paddle because there is so much water. If you need the gear or a little help getting started, stop by Raquette River Outfitters. They can provide routes, rentals, and more. All towns in the region offer access to beautiful paddles.


Some of the best memories for a child come from learning to fish and to wait patiently for the yank on the line. That’s how you know you got a big one! Fly shops are available throughout the region and are great places to get tips on the best spots for fishing, which there are no shortage of in the Adirondacks.

Adirondack Experience, Museum on Blue Mountain Lake

This open air campus of 121 acres includes outdoor trails. art galleries, and hands-on exhibits that celebrate Adirondack life, past and present. The museum is a fun way to learn about the rich history of the Adirondacks, America’s oldest vacation destination.

Start planning your trip to the Adirondacks today! We are the perfect natural playground for kids and the young at heart.


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