Sabattis Bog

Sabattis Bog

Look for a small open bog mat with scattered, stunted spruces on the north side of Circle Road. Many interesting northern birds can be found here, including Gray Jay in the taller spruce-balsam.


Palm Warbler and Lincoln's Sparrow can often be heard singing during early summer. The forest along the road has a variety of songbirds. Spruce Grouse have been seen along the shoulder of the road. Another interesting bog can be found by following the directions for Lake Lila to the lake turnoff. Continue west on Sabattis Road to the railroad tracks and site of the old Sabattis station. Hike the RR tracks to the northeast through the center of the bog, home to many frequently-sought birds, including the Northern Saw-Whet Owl and Northern Parula.

Good winter birding, too.


By Linda Tanner - originally posted to Flickr as Lincoln Sparrow, CC BY 2.0, Link

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