John Dillon Park

John Dillon Park


John Dillon Park is a fully accessible campground with nature trails, campsites, and lean-to's, making it easier for anyone to enjoy a true Adirondack wilderness camping experience.  The 200 acre park was designed exclusively for people with disabilities through a partnership between International Paper and Paul Smiths College.

All of our nine lean-tos are built for accessibility, with each site equipped with a fully accessible outhouse with a modern composting toilet. Water is available at the Welcome Center. Bear Cub is close to our Welcome Center and is the only site that can be driven to. The lean-tos are built in pairs, with the exception of Bear Cub, to accommodate larger groups.

Park will be open May 29 through September 1. Reservations are required, but the park is available to anyone free of charge.


The campground contains more than 3 miles of trails

There are great places all along our trails to find a seat at an outlook and watch our resident family of Ospreys raise their young, or see Loons and Bald Eagles fishing in Grampus Lake. If you’d rather just get away from everyone, take a hike on our three miles of trails and bask in the quiet of the wilderness.

Two lean-tos are located at Handsome Pond, our “backwoods” site, and will be available at the end of a two-and-a-half mile long trail.


Bring your canoes and kayaks to go fishing.


Explore the shores of Grampus Lake.


If paddling is not your thing, we have an electric, customized, pontoon boat for visitors to enjoy. Request to have a staff member take you out.


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