Helms Pond

A beaver lodge in Helms Pond.
A beaver lodge in Helms Pond.
This hike includes Chub and Helms Ponds.
This hike includes Chub and Helms Ponds.


Maple Lodge Road
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812

Looking for brook trout? Look no further.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in the hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake, follow Route 28/30 toward Long Lake for 0.6 mile, then turn left on Maple Lodge Road. Follow Maple Lodge Road to its end at the hiker parking area. Along the way you'll drive on a very narrow and seemingly private road. Just continue to the well-designated hiker parking area for Sargent Pond and Castle Rock.


The pond's access is limited to a short off-trail hike. Some paths from the Sargent Pond trail will get you to the shore.

There is no boat access.

Insider information:

  • The maximum depth of Helms Pond is only about 6 feet, so the fish will not be of record setting size.
  • Use a bobber or weedless hook for retrieval in this pond.

Special regulations: always follow state fishing regulations and be sure to pick up a NYS Freshwater Fishing Guide at your local outfitters or regional DEC office.


This small pond is obscure with no real trail to the shore. GPS, map and compass, and navigation experience is a must for the final 0.2 mile to access the shore.  

  • Elevation gain: 250 feet
  • Round-trip distance: 3.7 miles

Bushwhacks are not recommended for children or for inexperienced hikers. Experienced hikers can complete this round trip in about 3 hours.

Follow the private roads for a short distance to where the trail leaves on the right and becomes an actual foot trail. The roads and trail are well marked.

At the footbridge, take a right along the Sargent Pond trail, which is a bit wet in certain spots. It's a moderate climb to the intersection with the Castle Rock Loop, which will appear on the left. Continue straight at this point.

The trail becomes much less used and narrower, but it's more attractive due to its less frequent use. Continue for roughly 0.5 mile along this section of trail, then take a north compass bearing to head toward Helms Pond. Helms Pond is an easy 0.15 mile bushwhack. The scenery from the shore of this pond is wonderful and worth the added effort to reach it.

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