Miami River

Miami River

The Miami River, accessed from the south end of Lewey Lake, flows through the backcountry and is home to wild brook trout. The river is passable for one mile upstream from the lake.


Northern pike are sought in the big weedbed at the south end, where the Miami River enters the lake. Brown and lake trout can be found in the deep waters of mid-lake. Many rocky shorelines attract smallmouth bass.

The river, though not the lake, has a few areas of opportunities for brown trout.

The DEC Lewey Lake campground off Route 30, is the only location for a trailer launch on Lewey Lake.


Spring and summer are good times for roadside birding among the wetland and mixed forest habitats.

There's common loon, belted kingfisher, northern flicker, olive-sided flycatcher, eastern wood pewee, alder flycatcher, least flycatcher, eastern kingbird, northern water thrush, and mourning and Canada warblers.

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