Seventh Lake Boat Launch

Seventh Lake Boat Launch


A nice parking area and boat launch with a sandy beach are the features that allow for a sleepy afternoon of fishing from the many open areas along the point. The parking area offers access to the Seventh Lake/Sagamore/Moose River Plains Community Connecter trail up Seventh Lake Mountain.


There are two distinct boat launches for Seventh Lake. Each provides access for boating, trout fishing, and canoeing to this pristine portion of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.


This launch is for power boats while the launch located in Eighth Lake Campground, located 2 miles farther north on Route 28, is for car top boats only. 


A day use pass gives access to all the campground amenities.

Location: The hard surface launch is accessible via the Seventh Lake fishing access launch along Route 28, approximately 3 miles north of Inlet on the left.

Amenities include:  

  • direct access 
  • parking for 20 cars and trailers
  • restrooms
  • water

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