7th Lake Mountain Trail

7th Lake Mountain Trail

This multi-use trail connects Inlet and Raquette Lake. The terrain is very wide and under most normal conditions dry.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Limekiln Road in Inlet follow Limekiln Road to the Moose River Plains Road. Follow the Moose River Plains Road for around 2.75 miles to the trailhead on the left.

By the numbers

Up to 8 miles, one way. Make it a there-and-back trek by turning around at a point where it is easy to get back to the trailhead.


Make note that this trail does not go to the summit of Seventh Lake Mountain. Starting from the Moose River Plains Road you can hike this trail to the 7th Lake State Campground if one was so inclined. The trail is simply a corridor trail connecting two communities, and it does continue on to Raquette Lake. As a hiking trail, it can be used as an afternoon stroll, a dog walking trail or as access to the wooded summit of 7th Lake Mountain.


This trail is also a snowmobile trail and mountain bike trail.


There are a couple wetlands along the way offering interesting views out over the marshes.


This trail is also a snowmobile trail. It is wide and scenic.

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