Big Brook Loop

Big Brook Loop

How to get there

Locate the Lake Eaton Campground at the north side of the Hamlet of Long Lake along Route 30. This is a day-use area so a small fee will be required, unless of course you are staying there. The trail is located at the back right of the campground.

Trail Description

This loop goes through the Lake Eaton Campground; a day-use fee may be required. From the parking area cross the road to access the trail, which is very wide and doubles as a snowmobile trail in winter. Those staying at the campground like this loop just to get out and about.

The trail starts out flat as it sweeps around the eastern side of a small unnamed knoll on the left. An intersection soon comes in that accesses Walker Road; make a hard left up a slight hill. Soon a subtle descent will bring you to a tall red pine forest and then Route 30. Cross over Route 30 to continue on an old woods road. Follow the old woods road for a blink to the trail that comes in on the left; straight leads to private property.

This trail climbs ever so slightly and comes to another intersection. Head left — right goes toward Owls Head Mountain and around Lake Eaton. The trail remains quite wide and starts a long, easy descent to the campsite road. Follow along the campsite roads to return to the beginning.


4.25 mile loop

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