Black Bear Trail to Bug Lake and Morgan's Miles


Eighth Lake Campground
Inlet, NY 13360

Explore this turn-of-the-century transportation route by foot or by mountain bike. This loop includes flat dirt roads that are appropriate for beginners, as well as more challenging off-road trails for the advanced rider. Ride a section of the trails or do a 14 or 22-mile loop.

Getting there

The trail begins at the Eighth Lake Campground, 5.2 miles northeast of downtown Inlet.


It's 7 to 11 miles one-way to the lake.


Brook trout fishing is most popular, but lake trout can reach large size in this lake. Bug Lake has one of the few remaining kokanee salmon fisheries in New York State. Kokanee stocking stopped years ago, but the fish are naturally reproducing. Most Kokanee caught are 6-8 inches in size.

Winter overview

The winter parking here is not plowed and parking on the shoulder of Route 28 is not recommended.