Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is one of the taller mountains in the Adirondack Park and one of the most popular in the Hamilton County Region. Affording outstanding views and a modest challenge to summit, it attracts large numbers of people all year long.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 30 and 28 in Blue Mountain Lake, follow Route 30 toward Long Lake for around 1.5 miles to the trailhead parking on the right. The trailhead is at the top of the long hill past the Adirondack Museum.

Trail Description

From the trailhead you will come to an old access road which allows for easy hiking. But the trail quickly starts to gain elevation and crosses a very attractive stream along the way. The climbing really kicks in at about 1.25 miles and continues to be quite steep as it passes over open rock slabs. This open rock in some areas can be very slippery, particularly on the descent. The steep terrain will leave way for a gentle hike along the ridge to the fire tower on the summit. There are smaller views from the land and if you poke around there are others. The best views are from the stairs on the tower itself, the cab of the fire tower is closed and locked. The old observers cabin is just over the rise.




2.0 miles to the summit

Family with Young Kids

  • 2 hours to summit

Experienced Hiker

  • 1 hour to summit

Out of Shape Hiker

  • 1.5 to 2 hours to summit

Winter Overview

This is a challenging winter climb but highly recommended for those wanting that challenge. The upper portion of the trail can be very icy making for some slightly hazardous hiking, but with care can be accomplished. This is a very cold and windy summit, especially so from the stairs on the fire tower.

This trail is not recommended for cross-country skiing.

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