Bullhead Pond

Bullhead Pond has brook trout.
Bullhead Pond has brook trout.
This especially scenic pond is a great destination in the fall.
This especially scenic pond is a great destination in the fall.
This pond is very pretty for paddling, too.
This pond is very pretty for paddling, too.


Chain Lake Road
Indian Lake, NY 12842

A great secluded lake with an easy approach both by foot and with canoe in tow. Surrounded by tamaracks, this lake gives a real backcountry feel with less effort than many other bodies of water.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 28 in Indian Lake follow Route 28 for 1.3 mile toward North Hudson to Chain Lake Road on the left. Follow Chain Lake Road for a couple miles to the trailhead on the left.


This is a short and very easy pond to reach. The trail is in excellent condition. The majority of the trail is flat right up to the last 100 feet where you will descend steeply to the shore. In the fall the colors are fantastic, and even late in the fall the tamaracks show their gold.

Distances: 1.0 miles, round trip


The carry is the tough part about this pond, but it hasn't stopped many from doing it, shown by the large boats on the shore. The carry 0.5 miles to the pond but it has great footing and a cart could even be used on this one. While a lighter boat would be best for the carry, it really isn't necessary. The pond has a slight bend to it as you will see from shore as it disappears behind a peninsula. The shape looks a bit like a pistol pointing to the west.

The shore fishing is pretty decent and you don't have to adventure around the pond too much to get to them. If you head to the right along the shore you can hop the outlet on some downed logs and fish a nice grassy area. Heading in both directions you can get out a bit onto the rocks. Waders would get you out a bit further in areas where its more shallow.

Fish species: brook trout


This body of water is well protected from wind and most bad weather situations. It would be a great pond to use a SUP on as well.

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