Castle Rock

A project for the whole family where everyone can have a favorite part.
A project for the whole family where everyone can have a favorite part.
Stunning views for not much effort.
Stunning views for not much effort.
The trail is gradual until the very end.
The trail is gradual until the very end.
Castle Rock views include interesting Adirondack sights.
Castle Rock views include interesting Adirondack sights.


Maple Lodge Road
Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812

This is one of the most popular destinations in the Blue Mountain Lake Region, and rightfully so, it's got an amazing view. This is a great destination for the entire family to get out and enjoy the Adirondack backwoods.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28 & Route 30 in Blue Mountain Lake, head north on Route 30 and drive 0.6 mile to Maple Lodge Road. Make a left onto Maple Lodge Road, and take the foot trail for approximately 1.1 miles to the trail head. Park off to the left side of the road. Trailhead is ahead on the right.

You'll see Minnowbrook Conference Center off to the left, on the lakeside. Hike along the private road and then turn right, entering the Forest Preserve, and onto the trail.

Park in designated area only please.

By the numbers

  • Elevation: 2430 feet
  • Distance: 3 miles, loop


Initially you will be following a private dirt road, please stay on the marked route. The trail markers are on the power poles, but when in doubt keep right. After a short distance you will leave the road and start on a foot trail. Within a few hundred feet of leaving the road you will come to split in the trail. Follow the trail left over a small foot bridge. I have this route going clockwise for ease of travel reasons. This bridge crosses the outlet to Chub Pond, which you will be able to see shortly. The view over Chub Pond is a decent one but you will get a better view later from the other side.

Continuing on along a nice mellow trail you will come to an intersection with a spur trail to Blue Mountain Lake. This is a short 0.3 mile descent to the shore of the big lake, if the need strikes you. At the trail intersection you will start a steep continuous climb up the shoulder of Castle Rock. The ascent to the Castle Rock trail is very steep. Above the steep section it moderates to a nice grade.

As you crest the steeper section you will be able to see the cliffs of Castle Rock in front of you. The trail takes a hard right and almost heads back in the same direction you just came from before it takes a hard left toward the cliffs. This section of trail is quite amazing. That is if you like rock walls, caves, and formations. There is a trail through a small cave that comes out the other side.

Follow the trail north until you come to another intersection with the yellow trail. Here you will need to go right. From here the climb gets much steeper with large steps over rocks and roots. In short time you will be on the open rock summit of Castle Rock overlooking Blue Mountain Lake. After you have relaxed and soaked up the views return to the last intersection and follow the red trail to the right. You will drop down slightly to a fork in the red trail. Left leads to Upper Sargent Pond and right leads back to the trailhead.

Continue on following the red trail as you are lead through open woods on a side slope, natural springs run off Peaked Mountain. If the weather is warm or the season not perfect, wet trails can and will be encountered. The trail at this point is rolling hills eventually you will at the shores of Chub Pond again. This time however you are on the better side. The views over the pond are much nicer as you look down the inlet from the trail.

From here continue on a moderate to easy trail as it leads back to the first split you had this day – near the footbridge. Follow left back to the road and back to the trailhead.


This trail is typically broken out by midday after a storm but can become quite slippery as you approach the summit. This is a great snowshoe, but could be used for skiing in the clockwise direction only. However, the skier needs to be very good. The steep section from near the lake to the summit of Castle Rock is best snowshoed. The steep upper portion can be very difficult on the descent, especially in snowshoes. Take your time and be careful on this section.

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