Deep Lake

Deep Lake

Note: This hike requires a good trail map, which is a must when hiking in such remote locations. Leave word about your trip plans with others before you hike. Mountain biking is not allowed here.

Deep Lake is fed by a cold spring. You can imagine men like the old guide Roc Conklin rowing sportsmen along the shore. This is a great area for exploration in the deep wilderness and there is also some great birding along this trail, including Wood Warblers, Hermit Thrush, Wood Pewee, Winter Wren, Barred Owl, Broad-Winged Hawk, and Hairy, Downy, and Pileated Woodpeckers. 

Location: From the Limkiln entrance to the Moose River Recreation Area in Inlet, drive 9.1 miles to the "T" intersection, turn right and follow Otter Brook Road as it crosses the Moose River and Otter Brook bridges before arriving at the Falls Pond parking area on the left. The dirt and gravel access road is only open in the summer. 

Distances: It's 3.4 miles to the lake. 

Family with Young Kids: Up to a 6 hour round-trip hike. 

Experienced Hiker: Up to a 4.5 hour round-trip hike. 

Out of Shape Hiker: Up to a 6 hour round-trip hike. 


Winter Overview: Not recommended for winter access as the Moose River Plains is a snowmobile corridor and not open to cars or trucks during the winter.  

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