Dug Mountain Brook Falls


State Route 30 Indian Lake Islands DEC boat launch
Sabael, NY 12864

This falls is located on the south end of Indian Lake, best reached by canoe from the Indian Lake Islands DEC boat launch. It's a real "surf and turf" adventure! There is a small falls where the brook enters the lake, and a larger 40 foot falls further upstream to the east.

How to get there

From Speculator, drive north on Route 30 for 12 miles to the DEC Indian Lake Islands boat launch on the right. Paddle 2 miles across the lake and veer around “Long Island” to the right, heading southwest into the narrow part of the lake. Follow for 5.5 miles to the end of the lake, and take out where the Dug Mountain Brook enters the lake. Where the stream enters the lake, there is a picnic area and table on the shore, and you’ll see a small, 4-foot waterfall.

Alternative route: You may access the falls via a shorter, 2.5 mile paddle along the Jessup river, 6.0 miles northeast of Speculator. This river is very narrow, and in low water can be difficult to navigate. From the 4 corners in Speculator, drive 6.4 miles north on Route 30, and look for the Jessup River. Park on the side of the road, and paddle downstream on the eastern side of Route 30 towards Indian Lake. Look for Dug Mountain Brook entering Indian Lake on your right.


This might be a different destination due to paddle and hike distance. Once you locate Dug Mountain Brook, follow the north side of the stream for 0.4 miles to get to the base of the larger falls.

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