East Jimmy Creek Falls

East Jimmy Creek Falls

Jimmy Creek contains 2 lovely, small waterfalls and both are a short walk in from Route 8. This falls is very picturesque for its small size, and less than 200 yards from the road. You'll find a series of small drops and flows upstream from the main falls that are also worth looking for. The first waterfall is near the beginning of the hike. The second is just upstream and towers 10 feet over the surrounding area, plunging into a small swimming hole at its base.

How to get there

The falls are located 4.5 miles northeast of Wells. From Wells, go north on Route 30 for 3.5 miles until you come to the intersection of Route 30 and 8. Turn right onto Route 8 and proceed 1.2 miles. You will reach a point where parking areas are visible on both sides of the road, with the stream crossing under Route 8 through a culvert. Park on the right.


From the parking area, take the path along the south side of the stream. The hike up to the second falls is just a few hundred yards upstream.

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