Ferd's Bog Trail

Ferd's Bog Trail

Located off of Uncas Road, this is a short but perfect hike to a safe, floating walkway and observation post. There is only parking for three vehicles — if the lot is full, be sure not to block traffic.

From the parking area, climb over a small embankment before starting a gentle descent to the edge of the bog. Once at the edge of the bog you will come to a long boardwalk that almost seems to disappear into the horizon. In the midst of this Adirondack bog you are offered the surveillance of American Three-toed or Black-backed Woodpeckers working on one of the many dead spruces near the trail. Most of the Wood Warblers can be found in the hardwoods by the parking lot or trail.

On the boardwalk at the end of the trail, have some food ready to feed the inquisitive Gray Jays. During breeding season until mid-July, look and listen for Olive-Sided and Yellow- Bellied Flycatchers, and Nashville, Northern Parula and Palm Warbler, and Lincoln's, Swamp and White-Throated Sparrows. There are Great Blue Herons beyond the tall pines to the north. Tree Swallows and Eastern Bluebirds often use the old woodpecker holes in the dead snags along the brook.

During July and early August, the bog is beautifully covered with white fringed orchids and grass-pinks. Bring your book, binoculars, and camera. You will need them.

Location: Follow Route 28 southwest out of Inlet. About 1 mile past the trailhead for Rocky Mountain is Uncas Road on the right. Turn onto Uncas Road and drive 3.75 miles to the Ferd's Bog Trail on the left.

Distances: It's an easy, 0.6 mile round-trip hike to the bog. Please leave mountain bikes at the trailhead.

Family with Young Kids: A 15-minute hike to the bog

Experienced Hiker: A 10-minute hike to the bog

Out of Shape Hiker: A 15-minute hike to the bog

Winter Overview

This would be a nice short snowshoe for the entire family, but parking due to snow removal might be an issue.

This trail is not recommended for cross-county skiing

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