Groff Creek Falls


768-812 River Rd
Hope, NY 12134

There are a series of 3 waterfalls along the Groff Creek, all of which take some extra effort to see. The first 2 are more difficult to get to than the 3rd. 

How to get there

Take Route 30 for 3.2 miles north of Northville, and make a left onto County Route 6 (Benson Road) towards Benson. Make an immediate right onto River Road, and drive north for 4.6 miles until the drivable road stops. 


From the trailhead, it is a 1.8 mile hike to the top of the series of 3 waterfalls. The first waterfall, 30 feet high, can be heard at approximately 1.6 miles from the trailhead. Scramble down to the stream to view the falls. Follow the stream further upstream to reach the other 2 waterfalls; both require a hike downhill to see them.