Lower Sargent Pond from Tioga Point State Campground


Raquette Lake, NY 13436

This trail is only accessible by boat. In that sense, it's a unique adventure! Up for some "surf and turf" exploring? Check this out!

How to get there

The only access is by boat. Access Tioga Point Campground via Raquette Lake and locate the trail within the campground.

By the numbers

  • Distance: 8 miles, round trip
  • Elevation change: about 50 feet, minimal


This trail gets used a decent amount so it's well marked and easy to follow. The trail doesn't get much for day use visitors but mainly by campers at the state campground. Leaving from the point you won't be all that far from Eldon Lake on your right, a picturesque lake worth a gander. Wetland areas near the trail make it a bit wet in spots but nothing of too much concern. This flat hike is while mostly in the forest gives you a great opportunity to stretch your legs at camp and visit the gorgeous shores of Lower Sargent Pond.