Old Uncas Road

Old Uncas Road

Winter Overview: Winter access is difficult as no parking areas are plowed for ski or snowshoe access. Winter hiking not recommended.  

This is a great section of single track that brings you to the old Uncas Road from Hunt Club Road, which is a snowmobile trail. This is a very easy trail to follow that goes through mud, rocks, and over fallen logs.

The trail is maintained, but trees come down often. Also note that several bridges are out, but they can all be navigated while carrying your bike. Be careful because one washed out bridge is after a section of downhill trail, so it comes up rather abruptly.

Soon after that final bridge is a gate that can be ridden around. Then you will be at Route 28. At this point, turn right on Route 28 to head toward Raquette Lake and complete the 14-mile loop. Just be sure to turn right on Sagamore Road when you come to it.

Another option is to cross Route 28 and enter Eighth Lake Campground to make the ride about 22 miles long.

Location: Turn right from Route 28 in Raquette Lake, drive 5.3 miles to the end of Sagamore Road, and turn right on Hunt Club Road. 

Distance: 3 miles one way

It can take more than 6 hours to do this hike.

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