Twitchell Falls

Twitchell Falls

If you want adventure off the main, beaten path, this may be the hike for you! But please be cautious: this narrow and obscure herd path can be a bear to locate. You will need to drive slow and keep a keen eye. The path is not signed or marked but is used fairly often. However, for those who venture into the woods here, a beautiful waterfall awaits!

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Big Moose Road in Inlet, follow Big Moose Road. Continue on Big Moose Road 7.5 miles to Twitchell Road on the right. Follow Twitchell Road for just under 2 miles to the path for the falls on the right. The narrow path is very hard to locate, if you reach the Twitchell Lake Boat Launch you have gone too far.


This short hike only takes about 20 minutes to complete over the course of 0.4 miles. The path is an easy hike to a large boulder above Twitchell Creek and a quaint little waterfall on the creek itself. This is a very lovely place and nice stroll for an afternoon picnic after a longer hike in the region.

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