Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake

Winter Overview: This trail is not recommended for winter access as the Moose River Plains Wild Forest contains a snowmobile corridor and is not open to cars or trucks during the winter months.  

Wolf Lake was named by French Louie himself, after he saw many wolves in the area. He and Charles Henderson have been photographed here.

This is a short, wet trail to a remote lake where the chance of seeing another hiker is slim. Perhaps one or two hikers per week travel this trail, giving it almost a bushwhack feel as the evergreens close in on the old foot path.  

Location: The trailhead is a 13-mile drive in from the Limekiln entrance to the Moose River Plains Wild Forest in Inlet. Drive 9.1 miles to the big T intersection, then turn right and continue on Otter Brook Road as it crosses the Moose River and Otter Brook bridges. Look for the Falls Pond Parking area on the left.

Distance: It's 3.3 miles one way to Wolf Pond. Mountain biking is not permitted here.

It can take 6 hours or more for slow hikers to do the round-trip hike.

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